Like mother, like daughter

I talk often about my trusty iPhone.  I could not be a swim mom without it.  I definitely am addicted to my deck pass app – if you don’t have it, why not?  I also love that I can shop, blog, Facebook, shop, shop, and email during meets.  And my favorite thing to do is find a great place to eat close to meet sites through yelp!.  I have been accused of loving my iPhone more that life.  Not more than shoes though.

My daughter might be a little addicted to hers too.  We once took her iPhone away for a few days as punishment and she screamed “what will I do at the meet this weekend?”  Seriously, I don’t know.  Sorry dear you are on your own for that one.

We have several photographers on our team who take amazing pictures.  I spend an hour after every meet pouring over the photos, reliving fun moments and saving all of the photos of my kids.  I couldn’t help but laugh a little at these two:

Yes, that would be my daughter.

Deck Pass – download it.  You will thank me later.

Your thoughts are?

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