She has good taste in friends

Last Sunday at the Zones meeting Grace finally got to meet my friend Sherry’s daughter.  Sherry lives in Virginia and her kids swim for a different swim club.  We met a year and a half ago at…of all places a swim meet.  We both had to endure 9-10 and 11-12 sessions and by the end of it all, had decided we would sit by one another at any and all swim meets.  She is just that cool –  I don’t know why she puts up with me.  I am usually late, hungry and don’t have a heat sheet.  I made it up to her last meet.  I got there very early both days and saved great seats.  It is true I was hungry and didn’t have a heat sheet but the seats made up for it.

Anyways, after the zone meeting we went to lunch.  Sherry had her two that were going to zones and I had Grace.  The kids sat at a separate table.  And didn’t bother us.  That was a good sign.  Grace and Sydney had met briefly here and there behind the blocks but had never engaged in real conversation.  On the way home Grace was her usual quiet self.  But she did say “I really like Sydney”.

When Sherry and I first met, we had no idea that our girls would be going to Zones together.  Here we are a year and many, many races later, texting each other.  Have you heard from the girls?  Did they make it?  Are they having fun?  We didn’t get much response at first.  Grace finally called me.  She said the food was awesome, the pool deck was small and that they got a bag tag and another cap (I believe I mentioned that she likes stuff).  She couldn’t wait to get off the phone.  But not before telling me that she got to know Sydney really well on the bus and that she really liked her.  I updated Sherry via text, who up to that point hadn’t gotten much.  A little later I got one from her.  “Sydney is headed to Grace’s room to watch a movie”.

I go to bed happy.  I look forward to many more years of this.  If it weren’t for great friends – none of us would survive this sport.  Grace and I are both lucky in that regard.

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