The stupidest law ever.

When we travel I always stay at hotels with a big ole breakfast buffet. I like my kids to fill up. I am talking Thanksgiving kind of stuffed. I can throw them in the car and drive about an hour past when they start complaining that the are hungry. Like three-ish. Me, I like the coffee.

We stayed at a hotel in Wilson, NC. We went down for breakfast and were informed that North Carolina State law states that kids have to be 16 to serve themselves hot food and 12 to serve cold.

I first tried to convince the lady that Grace was 18 and she was their mom but that didn’t work. I spent the next hour making waffles, serving eggs, toasting bagels and pouring milk.

I am NOT a morning person and this annoyed the hell out of me. I started getting snarky and making smart ass comments. For instance, the eggs weren’t technically hot so I felt Grace should be able to serve them. I also pointed out that there was a microwave in our room and that Sarah had made popcorn. Never mind that Grace had spent three nights in a hotel room without an adult. Grace told me to shut up so I did.

Seriously, this is the dumbest freaking law I have heard of. My kids all cook at home on a regular basis. I know some dumb ass sued someone and as a result this new law ensued. What next, will I have to cut their food to make sure they don’t choke? Maybe I should chew it first and feed it to them like a baby bird. Should they be allowed to bathe without my supervision? Why does the state think I am more incapable of deciding what my kids can do in a hotel than I am at my home?

I did try and research that law and came up empty handed. Perhaps she made it up entirely so kids wouldn’t make a mess. If she did she a genius. Except that she had posted this sign. I am pretty sure the correct term is burst.


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