Let’s all make a perfect circle

Tomorrow is the first day of school. My kids would not have a single school supply if it weren’t for my mother. She went to Wal-mart and bought all of the necessities. Me? I am in denial.

I hate the first day of school. It means summer is over. I don’t need a calendar to tell me when fall starts. The seasons of my discontent start the first day of school. The problem I have with the end of summer is two fold.

For starters I hate winter, cold weather, snow, hot chocolate and mittens. I find no creature comforts in winter. I enjoy the sun and the joys of summer. I am solar powered.

I also miss my kids. Not in the wringing of my hands, drowning my sorrows in a box of tissues sense but in a crap I have to make my own fun sort of sadness. Indoors of course because of the pending cold weather that I loathe.

I have friends. Wonderful friends. We eat out, shop and exercise during the day. I work, clean, run errands and do lots of laundry. Don’t feel sorry for me I have a charmed life. But first day of school I start a mental countdown calendar until summer starts again.

There is no way to avoid it. Off they go tomorrow and with them goes summer. And so it goes.

Their backpacks are packed. Although Sarah doesn’t have a drafting compass in hers. A quick trip to Target today left us empty handed. Sarah had hopes that we would drive all over Maryland today looking for the lone remaining compass. The torrential downpour aided me in my refusal. She is certain she will be expelled. I told her I would lay my life on the line that she won’t need to make a perfect circle the first day of school. She is convinced she will miss me when I am gone.

I will miss them while they are gone. They grow up and I don’t.

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