Shark Bait. Hoohaha.

The week we were in Florida also happened to be….


Grace – petrified of Alligators, Elevators and doing any kind of house work – LOVES shark week.  Every night she would watch show after show about vicious shark attacks.  And the next day we would get up and go to the beach.

I tried not to let it show but I was a little nervous in the water.  Which is unusual for me, I love the ocean.  I tried to keep my back towards shore, keep my eye in the water at all times.

I have always wanted to rent a SUP (that is cool speak for Stand Up Paddle Board) and had even heard people do their yoga practice on one.  As a yoga instructor this sounded like a fun challenge.

One afternoon we rented a SUP and we were able to go a little further into the water than I normally do.  I didn’t find the SUP too hard when I was the only one on it but most of the time I had a kid hitching a ride.  This makes it a little more challenging.  But we need to be clear here, the only cool moves I did on the SUP were 1.  stand up and 2. fall down.

They give you this nice paddle, oar like thing.  It was very useful in maneuvering the SUP.  Al I could think about though was “can I beat up a shark with this bad boy”.

I thought it was really fun but the next day I couldn’t walk.  My back and legs were so sore.  So much for being a gym rat.  I think the shark would have won.  My kids weren’t worried…they can swim.  Question is, would they have save me?  Good thing I didn’t have to find out.

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