I blame you Ryan,

Michael, Katie and Missy for all that is wrong in my world right now – including the night of sleep I missed out on last night because I was really busy staring at the ceiling.

I should have seen it coming.  It was after all, an Olympic year.  And a glorious one at that.  OF COURSE millions of future gold medal wannabes are going to show up for swim team registration.  Well, a couple hundred at least. I was pleased to see it.  I have always one to encourage people to participate in the sport of swimming.  Especially my friends.  I like to sit with the cool kids at meets.  As long as my happy boat isn’t rocked, it is all good…

At the end of last years season Sarah was between two groups and was starting to practice some with the next higher group.  I thought it was a foregone conclusion that she would be in the  higher group this year.  As a formality, several of them that were in the same situation, had to come to the first evening of new swimmer evaluations to be officially placed in the group.  Or that is what we thought would happen.  What we didn’t know was that several hundred kids were going to show up on night one of two, in the hopes of also joining the group.  All would be well, IF there were several hundred spots open.  There were about 30.  A handful of kids were invited back to practice this week and continue the evaluation.  Most were sent away empty handed – heading back to the drawing board, looking for a team that has space available.  That in and of itself was heart breaking to watch.  Many of my friends were turned away, most with children who are very good swimmers.

Where does this leave Sarah?  Well…she will be in one of two groups.  The lower group has too many kids in it and she would be top of the group (from my previous post you already know I am not of a fan of that).  The higher group has more kids testing the waters this week (pun intended) than there are available spots.  She is one of them.  In other words, we don’t know.  I know that I don’t want her in the lower group.  I want her to be challenged, I like the coach, the practices are longer and more often.

She starts the evaluation tonight. I have given her specific instructions.  Work hard, be quiet, listen to the coach and puke if you have to in order to finish each set.  (In Grace’s group they get a milkshake if they puke from practicing too hard, don’t judge, it is a fable of sorts).  If this was a Toddlers and Tiaras episode I would give her a Red Bull and a Pixie Stix.  Sarah is hyper enough, I may play yoga music on the way to the pool to keep her calm.

The worst thing that could happen?  There isn’t one, she is guaranteed a spot as a returning swimmer.  I just have a desired outcome.  My heart goes out to all those families that didn’t get in.  It will work out.  It has to, I need my sleep!

I am really glad I didn’t listen to my kids and let them sign up for gymnastics.  I can only imagine….

Darn you Ryan.

One thought on “I blame you Ryan,

  1. Agreed. Our team being a Y team takes most kids. I think. The first meet is always fun cause new parents have no idea how fast returning swimmers are. They seem to honestly belive thier child is set for a gold medal since they just “love swimming” I want to say “No ,they love going to the pool and playing with thier friends. I do too. Swimming as a sport is so diffrent than that.” They will see in about 2 months.

    I sit there at practice chuckle inside at convos I over hear and just wait and see.

    Like my daugher says “prove it in the pool”

    Oh and my son is one of those new swimmers but I have no expectations that he will be the next Phelps. He may look good in his speedo but he swims in jello. I am just glad he is swimming no matter how slow he is.

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