The little voices

Even though I tell myself not to get sucked in, I can’t get rid of the tiny little voices.  Every parent has them, they keep us up at night and occupy our mind when we should be doing more important things – like the laundry.  Truth be told, I guess I would rather listen to the tiny little voices than do laundry.  But it isn’t very productive.

As a parent we are always deciding, what is best for my child?  We try to find the right balance in making these decisions.  Too much or two little of what is best and everything turns to shit.  Or does it?  I don’t know.

Sarah has swim Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  Soccer Wednesday, Friday and games Saturday.  Yes, all seven days are covered.  Yes, she has down time and homework is always a priority.  I have found the right balance for her.  It’s all good.  Until something tips the scale.

Sarah has a soccer game Friday night.  The coach decided to call a practice Thursday night since they had a game during their regularly schedule practice.

I worried about this all night last night.  Should I take her to soccer or swim?  The soccer coach has a policy that if you don’t practice you don’t play.  The swim team has no such policy but she has an opportunity on Thursday to swim with the group she is trying to move into.  Coach is looking for dedicated swimmers.

I got the answer I was looking for this morning.  The soccer coach sent an email reminding everyone that there was an OPTIONAL practice tonight and if the kids had any obligations outside of that she totally understood and not attending would not affect game play.  Problem solved.

Until I told Sarah.  She wants to go to soccer.

I think she needs to go to swim.  She thinks she needs to go to soccer.  I have logical reasons.  Hers are emotional.

She is 10.  It would be easy to say I know best.  Or, she is 10.  Who cares?  Let her have fun.  Damn those voices.

Jury is still out as to what we will do.  In the end, she could sit on the couch and watch Honey Boo Boo and her life would not be impacted one tiny bit from missing either practice.

Why can’t it just freaking rain?

6 thoughts on “The little voices

  1. These voices do come out and sometimes they’re loud to the point we don’t realize that we need to let them have fun and focus on actually spending “just hang out with my family” moments.

    • I agree. Between the chaos we do try to find the calm in a family dinner, a hike up a hill or marshmallows around the fire pit. The voices tend to go away doing those moments. Thank goodness!

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