The “tryhards”

I almost wrecked the car driving to practice last night, I was laughing too hard to pay proper attention to the road.  I was driving one of Grace’s friends, a 13 year old boy.  I don’t have boys and I find him and his take on life so spot on.  And quite hysterical.  I have learned a lot of X-Box speak from him.  I try to work it into my daily life but it doesn’t come out quite so cool from me.

The two were talking about a group of kids in their group and they called them the “tryhards”.  Neither asked the other for clarification as to what that meant or who was in the group and then the story continued.  It was clear this was a common word in their swim speak.  It was also quite obvious what they meant by the term.

After practice I asked Grace why she didn’t want to be a “tryhard” and she said quite simply “oh I don’t want to try, I want to DO”.  Upon further questioning I learned that the kids that were always trying hard were also always trying to beat each other and are very vocal about it.  Apparently, lots of smack talk.

Grace is looking to someday beat everybody.  Not the tryhards, the dohards or the doaslittleaspossibles.  And she hopes they don’t see it coming.  Sneaky.  I like stealth missions…

Your thoughts are?

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