The goals of an eight year old…

Sophie is home sick from school today. She actually came home yesterday and put herself to bed. I didn’t realize it and went to let her know she needed to get ready for swim practice and found her sound asleep. She is my post meet napper but she is always happy to go to swim. When I woke her up she said she was cold and her whole body hurt. Not a good sign. She missed her first swim practice ever for a reason other than a family obligation. She clearly needed her beauty rest.

I kept her home from school today. She came to me an hour ago with her swimming goals written out in a notebook. She had time goals for each event on one page, the next page was filled with details on which groups she was going to swim in, all the way until she went to the Olympics. Wisely, she also chose a Plan B should the Olympics not pan out, she was going to become a swim coach to a future Olympian. Her goals from age 8 to 12 on page one and two were interesting, without actually saying it she very clearly expressed that she wants to follow in her big sisters footsteps. She may not always like her big sister but there is no doubt she respects and admires her.

Page three she ripped out of her journal and for that I am grateful because now I can keep it. She wrote out her own swimming pledge:

I hope I reach it even if I don’t. I hope I tried. I may not be the best but all that matters is that I have fun. Thanks to swim my life has chance. I have swim by my side.

I am not exactly sure what it says but it says absolutely everything.



Your thoughts are?

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