Needs to be said. Just not outloud.

Last spring my kids were bugging me to try a bunch of new sports. Lacrosse, Poms, Basketball, Softball, whatever flyer came home in their backpack, they wanted to do it.

I decided to give it to them straight. They were told that dad and I were:

A. Out of money
B. Out of time

I came up with this brilliant idea that they could participate in anything that was FREE, I didn’t have to drive them to and that I didn’t have to go watch. It’s all about knowing your limitations, something adults understand and kids not so much. We don’t have time for anything else. And when we do I would rather go apple picking with my kids. Life is about apple picking sometimes.

Grace was able to find something that fit my criteria. Her middle school offered cross-country immediately following school and she was able to negotiate transportation home.

Grace swims 5 days a week and none of her practices are easy. In PE they run 1.5 miles twice a week. She is pretty fit and can run a pretty decent mile pace. You would think I would be jumping up and down about this. I have always loved running myself and I coached the girls in Girls on the Run. But I wasn’t happy. I didn’t let it show though. I think she has enough on her plate.

She had a few practices. As I suspected she was pretty decent and was top of the pack in speed. Imagine my surprise (glee) when she came home and told me she wanted to quit.

I know as a parent that I should encourage my children to finish what they start but at what cost? She was finding herself tired by the time she got to swim practice after running for an hour. She was getting her homework done but didn’t feel like she had any down time before going to bed. OH and she said she was starving all the time and didn’t feel like she could eat enough. And her leg hurt.

I let her quit. She tried. It didn’t work out. She didn’t let anyone down and she realized that even though she sometimes wished she could do other sports, when push came to shove, the grass is not greener. But ours is watered with chlorine. She is a swimmer.

I am sure we got talked about. That Grace. So antisocial, always swimming – and now cross-country drop out. Whateves. I can’t make three dinners a night. Two is my limit. I wouldn’t say it to anyone listening but I am glad she quit.

Your thoughts are?

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