The first last mini meet ever

Last Saturday was the first mini meet of the season.  Sophie is 8 and in her final year with minis!  Starting in April she will swim in the big leagues – you know the 9-10’s!  It is the beginning of the end.

I used to dread the mini meets and now I realize I am going to miss them.

There was a time that I thought the parents at the mini meets were absolute idiots.  Either they had no idea what they were doing (as IF I knew what I was doing when Grace was 6, I didn’t know butterfly from breaststroke for two years) or they were so obnoxious about their swim prodigy that I found myself wanting to throw them in the pool.

I sat at that meet with a sense of pride, I had survived minis three times.  Sophie, who would cry before meets, was now beaming with pride being one of the older swimmers in the group.  Grace never waves at me from behind the block or gives me the two thumbs up before the race.  Sarah only comes in the stands for money.  Sophie comes for wet hugs.  Grace and Sarah know their finish time to the exact moment.  Sophie finished her 100 freestyle in “A minute something”.  She dances while she waiting for her turn to swim, picks her wedgies, eats a donut between every race and hugs her friends before and after they race.  They play silly games and laugh.  I sit with friends and cry, tears of joy and pride.  For their kids and mine.

At this meet several of my friends kids raced for the first time ever.   They were all amazing and adorable.  One little girl, a friend of mines daughter, lost her tooth moments before her race.  She ran to mom, handed over the tooth, ran back and swam!  This doesn’t happen in the big leagues.

I am going to enjoy every moment of the mini meets I attend this year.  It is bittersweet.

Sophie had a great meet.  Dancing, donuts and diving.

Your thoughts are?

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