It’s a wrap

First swim meet of the season.  Done and done.  Sophie as you know snuck hers in the weekend before, Grace and Sarah swam this weekend.

Sarah scored the early warm ups.  By scored I mean, sucks to be 9-10 this time.  None of us are morning people.  Sarah is no exception.  Saturday morning though she woke up quite chipper.  So in this particular case it actually sucked to be me who had to drive her hyper self to the warm ups.  Somehow I managed to convince Chris to take her Sunday morning, I have no idea how that wake up call went.

Sarah is still somewhat on the fence about how she feels about swimming.  She never complains about practice, worked very hard to get in the harder practice group a few times a week and gives practice her all.  I am still convinced she does it for the nachos.  She also happens to be ultra competitive.  She swam 6 events and got 6 best times.  She was quite pleased with everything.  Oh and she got nachos.  Twice.  Sarah also had a soccer game on Friday night where she did an impressive header and a rainbow.  Sarah is really into the soccer tricks.  I wish there was a Harlem Globe Trotters equivalent for soccer.  She would be a shoe in!

Grace had a longer weekend, swimming 500 free on Friday, two events Saturday afternoon and three on Sunday.  Grace has a bad habit of swimming too conservative in the longer distances.  Dad harps on her about this, telling her not to swim scared.  The 500 free is the only event that will get me on deck.  Because I have to time.  I got to overhear Grace’s coach giving her race strategy.  He told her simply, swim it fast.  Grace sprinted the first 350 of the race.  And then she died.  I thought we either had a Katie Ledecky in the making OR I was going to fish her ass out of the pool.  I really thought about emptying my pockets in fear I was going to have to go in after her.  That would have sucked, I had blown out my hair that day.  She made it to the wall with a best time.  Not a great time but a best time.  She learned a valuable lesson.  That she wouldn’t die if she went all out.

She had five other races, 200 free she tanked, late on Sunday.  She did well on her 100 and 200 backstroke.  The highlight of the met was that she finally broke a minute on her 100 free!  She showed about the same emotion as she did when she tanked her 200 free, although I think she was jumping up and down for joy in her mind.  She is almost 13, emotion is not an option.  (In swimming that is!).

It was a great weekend.  I am proud of both girls.  They worked really hard and had a great first meet.  I am especially grateful that Sarah enjoys it after wanting to quit at the end of last spring season.

Good luck this year to all our swim friends.  I would love to hear your updates.

And yes that is my stupid loud self yelling!

Your thoughts are?

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