Everything has changed

Tonight we didn’t have to bring the boys to practice. Sarah has soccer so I only had Grace and Sophie in the car. The boys keep me entertained but they are loud. We can barely hear each other let alone the radio.

The ride today was quiet. Grace turned on the new Taylor Swift (what do you call it now album, cd, mp3). I will admit it, I like Taylor.

One if her new songs is a duet called “Everything has changed”. I was enjoying the song and was stuck by a thought. Everything has changed.

A year ago we changed swim clubs. We were really unhappy at our old club. I can give you a great list of excuses as to why we were unhappy. It was expensive, inconvenient, a bad facility and a very small team. But the real reason we were unhappy was because I allowed other people to ruin the sport for us.

Going into last year I told myself WE are going to be happy. My kids were excited about the change. I was telling myself. Over and over again.

A year later I can reflect and say everything has changed. My girls are happy and confident swimmers. Me? I spend seven days a week there and don’t complain.

It would be easy to place all of the blame on our old club. And a lot of that would be justified. But I too was to blame. I allowed myself to get caught up in drama. I let other people mess with my head. I gave control of my emotions to other people. It was miserable.

I think being that “crazy parent” is a part of the process to become that “parent”. I am really quite content being that parent. I have learned that there are crazy people every where. The easy option is to walk away.

Change is good. I changed how I was going to deal with things and a year out I can honestly say I am happier. My kids? Who cares, it’s all about me. I’m kidding. Everything has changed. Thank goodness.

Your thoughts are?

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