Sandy decided we needed a taper

We live in Maryland, just outside DC. I made both Sarah and Sophie go to their 7 am practices yesterday. I called it “the last chance workout”. I suspected practice tonight would be cancelled.

The winds this evening are predicted to be around 60 MPH this evening. As predicted practice tonight was cancelled. More than likely it will also be cancelled tomorrow evening. Wednesday is Halloween. The coaches like candy and as such they cancel practice so the kids can bring them Snickers. That leaves practice Thursday evening.

We have a big meet at our facility this weekend, NAG’s which is the top 3 swimmers for the large clubs in our area. Grace is swimming one event and three relays. She wants to do well at the meet.

When I told the kids school was cancelled Monday and Tuesday they jumped for joy. When I told them practice was cancelled they made sad faces.

Grace has decided to go to the Wednesday 445 AM practice (provided they have it). Up until now she has laughed hysterically at the notion of getting up that early. Who knew Mother Nature would convince her this practice would be worth attending.

Sandy has already done a lot of destruction. We are in for a long night. I too am sad practice is cancelled. I would much prefer to spend quality time with my friends instead of worrying if everyone is ok. I hope everyone is safe through this storm. I have decided to enjoy the forced slow down and plan an afternoon and evening on the couch with the kids and some good movies.

We may have a swimming pool in the backyard in a few hours. Not the kind I wanted.

The only upside, Grace should be tapered and well rested for the meet.

Stay safe friends.  Hope none of lose power.



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