Do we have practice tonight?

We survived Hurricane Sandy.  We didn’t lose our power and didn’t even notice the high winds.  Our house must be positioned just right as many of our friends heard howling winds all night.  We slept like babies.  Watching the news this morning I am very grateful we didn’t have the flooding or power loss that others did.

The first thing Grace asked me this morning was “do we have practice tonight?”.  Ironically enough, that was the first thing I asked my good friend J who is also a coach!  Practice tonight is still up in the air.

On one hand I am really excited that my kids first waking thought is “do we get to go to practice tonight???”.  On the other hand I have to wonder why she asked via text when she was in the room right next to me.  I would love to say we aren’t lazy people but I am not so sure.

Speaking of lazy, I am enjoying this slow start to the day.  I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit at the computer drinking a cup of coffee at 10 am.  We aren’t the types to sit around enjoying a lazy morning although when forced to do it I wonder why we don’t do it more often.  I think we need to make this more of a habit.  Minus the hurricane of course.



Your thoughts are?

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