You win some, you lose some

Last night was the final soccer game of the season for Sarah.  It was extremely cold and windy and I wasn’t looking forward to it.  I contemplated watching the game from the car.

The team they played were some of the worst sports men, women and children I have ever seen.  It clearly came from the coaches, trickled right down to the parents and the kids.  I am sure in the rest of their lives these people are good people, probably people I would hang out with and enjoy their company.  They just don’t know how to act on the field.

I don’t know if it was the cold weather or just that it was a late Friday night but our team responded by having a blast.  We cheered for our kids, laughed, and at one point all broke out in a dance.

I have no problem with winning in a team sport.  It is fun.  It’s the only true test of how well you played.  But I would much rather hang around with this group of losers any day.

It looks like Coach is hanging on another season, so we can get through spring and find a new coach to take over.  Her shoes will be hard to fill.

It was a bittersweet loss, but one I am proud of.

Your thoughts are?

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