The great outdoors…aka the meet I didn’t go to

Well, I survived not going to a travel meet with Grace and all of her friends parents, my friends.  Having three kids that swim really makes life easier but as a mom I also have to find balance in making sure that everyone is doing fun things and that our entire lives are not spent at a pool.  Just most of it.  Chris wanted to go.  Grace wanted him to go.  How do you say no to that?  You don’t.

Grace and Chris headed out-of-town Friday afternoon.  It was going to just be Sarah, Sophie and me for the weekend.

We spent Friday night at an end of the season soccer party complete with a bonfire, hay ride and s’mores.  Two of their friends came back to the house for a sleep over.  The kids slept in (glee) and we had a nice big breakfast.  I realized Saturday mornings don’t require nearly as much coffee without the early wake up call.  I took my two girls, my best friend, her four girls and three other friends to the National Zoo.   The weather was unbelievable, it was a sunny fall day, the foliage was beautiful and sweatshirts weren’t even required!  Afterwards we built a big fire in the fire pit, fed the kids and made s’mores yet again.  Sunday we slept in again!  After yet another slow start we went on a big hike and arrived just as dad was pulling in.

While I really wanted to be at the meet I had a wonderful time with my younger two.  Grace survived and thanks to dad I got nice videos of all of her races.  His commentary in the background was awesome.  I just yell GO really loud all the time but being a swimmer, Chris is able to narrate exactly what she is doing right.  And wrong!!!  It was fun to watch.

The reality is, soon we will have three age group swimmers and one also doing soccer.  We cannot be at every single meet or game.  We already have a weekend in December that I am going to need a master’s degree in logistics to get everyone where they need to be.  We are going to miss a race or two.  I am not going to apologize for it.  I survived a meet weekend without stepping foot in a pool. It didn’t hurt that it was a stunning weekend.  Grace survived too.  When she was done swimming, rather than come home with dad she opted to watch the 11-12 session and cheer for her friends.  She caught a ride home with a friend.  This weekend was a blast for her, it wouldn’t have mattered to her if neither of us went.  Except someone had to buy her dinner!

All in all it was a great weekend.  I get so caught up sometimes in what is going on at the pool that I forget about the fun we can have when we aren’t at one.  I love swim meets.  I also like beautiful fall days and I have missed many of those while at a swim meet.  I won’t be eating s’mores again anytime soon but other than that, I call it a success story.   I was a little miffed when I walked in the pool tonight and everyone wanted to know where Chris was.

Your thoughts are?

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