Two kids – one session

Our meet this weekend is a 10 and under.  Well, I have two of those.  Which means Sarah and Sophie are swimming in the same session.  It gets better, warm ups are at 4:30.  We had a little mix up in the car the other day, Sophie asked when warm ups started and I told her they were at 4:30.  I could hear the panick in her voice as she tried to calmly explain that there is absolutely no WAY she could be at the pool at 4:30.  Panic subsided when I explained that it was PM!  I’m with Sophie, 4:30 AM is an uncivilized time.

Sophie gets to pick her events and since she is only 8 we decided to give her a fighting chance and only put her in the events we knew she could handle.  Despite the fact that I think she has a beautiful butterfly we skipped the 200 fly and opted for the 50 fly.  Eight year olds in our club still do 25’s so a few 50’s and 100 free was more than enough for her.

Sarah on the other hand does NOT pick her events, her coach does.  I really like this practice because it forces her outside her comfort zone and he puts her in her off events every other meet.  Grace has learned from her own mistakes of never swimming off events and now signs up for breast stroke in meets where it makes sense to race it.

Well, the inevitable has happened.  Sarah and Sophie are both swimming 50 fly.  Sophie’s favorite and Sarah’s least favorite events.  Sarah is 2.5 years older than Sophie.  Their seed times are a solid 6 seconds apart.  I would be shocked it that were the case tomorrow afternoon when we leave the meet.  I think Sarah’s time is pretty tight and Sophie’s is not.

At the end of the day, one of them is going to be faster than the other.   I don’t have a crystal ball.  I sure wish I did. I don’t know what will happen this weekend but they go as sisters and leave as sisters. I would like for them to both do their very best and what ever happens happens.

Sarah’s competitive, she will race you to open a bag of chips.  Sophie has been working hard.  One insisted she go to practice last night to work on starts, one took a self imposed night off.  Wish ME luck.

Your thoughts are?

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