New word created by Sarah.

If I could somehow orchestrate that all three of my kids would always swim in meets together I would.  One session seems like the shortest meet ever.  Both Sarah and Sophie did amazing on the first day.  They both swam three events and dropped tons of time.  They were both thrilled with their results and were very happy!

Today as we drove to the meet things seemed to get tense.  Both were very quiet on the ride to the meet.  I decided to time tonight, I really wasn’t in the mood for the “I am a better parent and my kids are awesome” pissing match that goes on upstairs.  I actually had a friend who was at the first session sign me up.  I wanted to time that bad.  I was willing to fight for it.

Sarah swam two events before the 50 fly.  Sophie, seeded many seconds slower than Sarah, swam first.  She dropped 10 (TEN) seconds.  She came with in 3 seconds of the Junior Olympics time.  At the age of 8.  Needless to say, I was excited.  And freaking out.  Sarah was 4 heats later.  Sarah happened to be in my lane.  She swam with a purpose.  She was not about to be beat by her sister.  She didn’t just swim with a purpose, she swam as though she was out for blood.  Blood relative.

She hit the wall and looked up at me.  She said “DIDIBEATHER?”.  All one word.  Completely breathless.

At this point I want to bow down to the gods that created ONE SECOND.  Because she did in fact beat her baby sister by one second.  Sarah also swam faster than I ever thought she could.

I don’t believe in pitting swimmer against swimmer.  Certainly not sister vs sister.  But I won’t lie.  I am secretly pleased with the way the girls rose to the challenge of swimming against one another.  They both swam faster than expected.  In the end, it is a competition and a race.  Even if it means beating your sister.

I wouldn’t do it again for a while but we survived a sibling showdown of epic proportion.  We left a lot of time at that pool.  And they left friends.  Thanks to the one second swim gods.  And yes Sarah, you did beat her.  You also beat yourself.  It was beautiful.

Poor Sophie was done after that race.  She added a second on her 100 free and fell asleep in the bleachers waiting for me to finish timing.   It’s all good though.  My baby girls are swimmers.  Just like my baby Grace.

They both want tech suits now.  Let me know if you would like to sponsor a swimmer.  I can loan you one of them!

Your thoughts are?

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