Sign me up for 200 fly.

Grace was looking at events for an upcoming meet and chose five events that she knew she should have a good chance of making finals in.  She actually chose six but as luck would have it, four were on the same day and the meet had a 3 event per day max.

This always means going to plan B.  For Grace plan B is usually breaststroke.   Now that she is 13 the beloved why not event, 50 breast is no more.  It was between 100 breast and 200 fly.  She first chose the easier of the two, 100 breast.  Nothing is on the line for her in this race, the one or two times she swims it a year her goal is to get a personal best and to not drown.  I wanted her to do 200 fly and tried to convince her that since it was a timed final she would only have to swim it once.  She is also swimming 200 free and 200 back, two more events she would only swim once.

She also opted not to do 500 free this meet.  She doesn’t love the race although has a lot of room in it.

I had sent the meet registration to her coach before practice.  At practice her coach gave them a very challenging freestyle set and she did really well on it.

When we got home she thought about it and decided to give the 500 free another shot.  She had me email the coach and add it.  She then yelled up, sign me up for 200 fly!

I was thrilled that she was willing to take on some more challenging races.  Coach made the changes and emailed confirmation.

A few days later I was looking at the meet file for warm up times.  As I was reading it I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I forgot Grace was now 13.  For the 13-14 session, the 200’s have prelims and finals.

I am debating on a good time to tell her this.  For now, I am keeping it to myself.  She will live – right?  She’s 13.  I am letting the coach break the news to her!  I am going to have to buy him a nice Christmas gift this year!

3 thoughts on “Sign me up for 200 fly.

  1. Haha! It is hard when your kid is a flyer because the 200fly is such a hard race! My dd swam it last year at our Fall Champs meet in December. She survived. And finalled. And got her state cut that night. It will all be good!

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