Sarah called me a Tiger Mom yesterday.  It was intended as an insult.  It did not have the desired effect.  I took it as a compliment.

I asked if she had a lot of homework and she said “no very little”.  I will save the whole homework debate for another day, we have very little here in our schools and I like it that way.  The small amount they get I expect to be done and done well.

About 30 minutes later I asked Sarah if her homework was done.  To which she replied “no, I am not going to do it, I have a homework pass”.

You know where we are going with this right?  I made her do her homework.  She was pissed.  She spent more time arguing with me than the homework actually took.  I swear it took her 15 minutes tops.  Her argument?  I was being a Tiger Mom.  Mine?  A whopping 15 minutes of math problems won’t kill her.  I expect good grades, skipping homework equates to slacking off.

On the way to swim practice she continued the complaints.  I picked up a friend’s son who is 13.  She attempted to get him as an ally.  Her hopes were dashed.  His mother had never let him use a homework pass.

Here is where things get tricky.  She is a total Tiger Mom.  I mean look up Tiger Mom in the dictionary and you will find her.  V admits she is, her son does SAT prep on the weekends, goes to Chinese school after swim and she emails his teachers weekly.  His sister went to MIT full scholarship.  I am trying to figure out the bad part.

The reality is, I am not a total Tiger Mom.  I let my kids miss school for swim meets.  I don’t review their homework (I just want it done).  We don’t do SAT prep.  Yet.  I have one foot in the door to the cage perhaps.  Sarah has it all wrong.  What I am is a bitch.  I made her do her homework.

Guess what?  She is going to need that homework pass.  She forgets something every single day of her life.  I give it a week tops before she actually needs it.  She will thank me then.  Well she should, but she won’t.  It’s all good.  I will go with the “Sticks and Stones” defense.  I’m a meanie.

2 thoughts on “YOU ARE A TIGER MOM!

  1. This is EXACTLY why I refuse to hand out homework passes. 1) It creates conflict at home. 2)I think it is ridiculous that students miss out on written activities that are created and assigned for the mastery of content. With a homework pass, I am saying that the work is simply busy work and bears no merit to content mastery. My students are disappointed every year when they ask about homework passes, and I give them my spill on it.

    • I don’t fault the teachers for giving them. I actually love our teachers and homework has never been an issue for my girls. But I do see the homework pass as a lose-lose. If they use it on a difficult assignment they lose the learning component. If they use it on an easy one they are just being lazy. That is why the best bet is to use it for the misplaced one!!!

      Now where is my house work pass. I hate cleaning.

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