Was I a Tiger Mom?

Shortly after posting about my run in with Sarah and her homework pass my mother sent me a text.  Was I a Tiger Mom?

My response was unapologetic.  No.

My mother was far from a Tiger Mom and is certainly not a Tiger Grandma.  As a matter of fact I have had to remind her not to text or play Words With Friends with my girls after 9 PM.  Not once but twice I have told her.  I caught Sarah texting at 10 PM last night with none other than Grandma!  She is skating on thin ice!  Grandma that is.  No isn’t in her vocabulary and her only goal in life is for everyone to be her friend.  Her parenting style wasn’t any different from her Grandparenting style.

I really do believe that nature plays a huge role in who we become as adults and nurture isn’t as important.  Personality is luck of the draw and that is pretty much determined and not to be changed at the moment of birth.  Our job as parents is to keep that little personality on the right track.

Parenting is something we have to figure out on our own.  Above all else, it has to be organic to us.  I have to raise my kids in a way that feels natural to me.  Some may chose a different path.  Regardless, we are all trying to raise amazing young adults.

I am not qualified to give parenting advice.  Nor are my writings intended to be taken as such.  I am simply speaking from the heart about things going on in my life and that of my families.  As far as parenting goes, I often hear people say “I have no idea what I am doing”.    I don’t feel that way at all.  I know exactly what I am doing.  I am just not sure it will work.

No mom, you weren’t a Tiger Mom.  You are a great mom though.  But no more texting after 9 PM.  Or I will make dad take your phone away.

One thought on “Was I a Tiger Mom?

  1. That is funny! My mom says that the whole point of having kids is so you can have Grandkids…spoil them and give them back. Ha-Ha! I don’t think you sound like a Tiger mom either- you let your kids make their own choices (and then hold them accountable) which I believe is the most important thing of all.

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