The big 1-1

Moving on up.  Age groups that is.  Sarah turns 11 today.  Sarah came into this world bright red and screaming.  She had this crazy patch of red fuzz on the top of her head.  She looked a little like a rooster.  She tells the story that she looked like a chicken.  I have to correct her.  Roosters are much cuter than chickens you know.  She aslo was my Sarah Bear and Kitty.  Sarah Bear is a required nickname if your name is Sarah.  Sarah is very cold natured and she is a cuddler.  She likes to have her back rubbed and I swear she purrs like a kitty.  There is an animal connection with her,  she has always said she wants to be a marine biologist.

The red hair disappeared shortly thereafter but Sarah will forever be my closet redhead.  She has spunk, determination and her competitive nature is fierce.  She will set the world on fire.  Maybe burn a bridge or two as well.  Most importantly, Sarah is a strong child.

Last year we lost our family pet the day before Sarah’s birthday.  It’s a day I will never forget.  Sarah was just a day shy of 10 but showed a level of maturity that I didn’t even possess.  She was very close to MoJo and when we decided it was time to give him some peace she made the decision to go with me.  Chris was out-of-town and we knew MoJo was in pain.  She and I sat and comforted MoJo until the end.  Although it was a very sad day for us, Sarah was my strength that day.  It will be years before she will ever understand how much her being there meant to me.  And how much respect I gained for her that day.  We butt heads because of her strong will but I hope she never loses it either.  It will serve her well in life.

We have a swim meet this weekend and Sarah will be swimming with 11-12’s since the meet starts on her birthday.  Most kids would be disappointed.  Sarah is thrilled.  Her best buddy on the swim team aged up a few weeks ago.  It is a tradition that the birthday kid brings donuts to practice.  Sarah’s coach had all the kids sing happy birthday to her and then he threw her in the pool.  She almost looked embarrassed, a year ago she would have thought this was the coolest thing ever.  I think secretly she thought it was this year too!

Swim fast Sarah.  We love you.
MoJo, we miss you.

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