Should I take a shovel?

Day three.  Chris and I switch roles.

I was more than happy to go to the mini meet.  The reality of swimming 200 IM and 200 fly was starting to sink in and Grace was not happy about it.

I made the mistake of getting her a ride to warm ups to buy my husband an extra hour of sleep.  My friend ended up getting lost.  Grace pulled out her iphone and was able to use GPS to get them to the pool.  She might get lost in her 200 backstroke but not driving to a meet!  Sophie and I were off to the other side of the planet.  It certainly seemed that way.

All day Saturday Chris and I debated who was at the worst meet.  After switching roles on Sunday it was clear we both were winners.  Or losers.

Sophie had three solid swims.  Once again the heat winner cap magic worked.  Sophie fought hard for the cap in 50 free.  She also swam a consistent 50 fly from two weeks prior.  I was petrified she would add time and cry.  She is 8. Dodged that bullet.  Sophie reconnected with an old friend (can you have an old friend at 8?) who was swimming for our club at another site.  We made lunch plans for after the meet in January.  She has also made some really nice friends in her group and is really enjoying.  I can’t believe this is the same kid who cried before, after and during every meet two years ago.  I hate to jinx myself but we haven’t seen the tears in a long time.

Grace decided to bring her A game.  She swam 200 IM and knocked several seconds off her best time.  She had a quick turn around for 200 fly.  She was listed on the psych sheet as a No Time.  In reality she had swam 200 fly once.  About two years ago.  Because it was with a different club it didn’t automatically pull up.  We could have fixed it but she decided No Time looked a lot better than her real time!  She was dreading this race.  I was nervous for her.  I got a text from Chris.  “Holy crap you are a flyer”.  I immediately knew it was intended for Grace not me but I also took it as good news.  She had a solid swim and at this point had earned two spots in finals.  She swam 50 free, knocked half a second off and rounded out a triple header for finals.  I sent her home for a nap with our friend.  Who again got lost.  If Grace didn’t hate me for the two 200’s this would seal the deal.  Lost twice and swimming everything twice, what a day.

Sarah had the second session.  She brought her usual fire and determination.  And a marker.  She loves to write on her body.  It makes her easy to pick out of a crowd.  Sarah once again got to race a good friend.  Win or lose the race, Sarah gives it her all.  She had three great races and continued her streak of solid performances.  I need to look at her times from last year, I can’t seem to impress upon her how much improvement she has made.  She has had some significant time drops this year.  Sarah is proof that hard work pays off, she has upped her commitment to practice and it shows!  Several of her friends from school that swim for another club were also at this meet.  They all cheered each other on.  I am always happy to see that.sarah 3

We all reconvened at the house and I was taking  Grace to finals.  I considered taking a shovel along.  I wanted to give that deer a proper burial.  You know you are starting to lose your mind when you are starting to worry about the road kill.

Sophie offered to go back with me.  I took her up her offer, she is a fun date.  Chris and Sarah went for a daddy date birthday celebration.  Grace swam her IM.  Luckily she had gotten a good time that morning.  Her 200 fly was a solid swim.  She gained two seconds from morning.  She swore she gained 20.  Clearly I was not the only one losing their mind.  I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to convince her otherwise.  She opted to use her 50 free as a warm down.  At the crack of 10 PM we were out of there.  I swear the pool stole my soul.  And all of our minds.

We waved a sad farewell to Bambi.  And headed home.  The right way.

On the way home I swore I would never go to that meet again.  Sophie was sad, she said “but mom, you won’t let me swim at it next year when I am 9-10”?  Grace reminded her this was the third year in a row that I had sworn to never go back.  Of course she is right.

For now, we take a break from meets.  Until Saturday.


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