Better than believing

Chris and I decided that rather than play the Christmas game, we would get out of dodge. We surprised the girls with a three night trip to New York City. His mother was more than generous, she bought us tickets to see the Rockettes perform on Christmas Day. My parents clearly know how to make any girl happy, they provided the shopping money!

We spent Christmas Eve in a hotel, somewhat unorthodox I know. After a dinner at an Irish pub we walked in the snow to a nearby Target. Apparently not an unorthodox tradition. The place was hopping. We bought all of the random necessities, gloves, hats, milk and coffee.

The girls crashed but not before Sophie left a note in our window. She needed Santa to know where we were. I won’t go overboard preserving the myth but I also won’t stop Sophie from enjoying her childhood memories. Sarah and Grace dutifully did their parts.

Santa was able to quietly sneak in and out of our room that night. I will admit, he is a stealth “guy”.

Thanks to the hotel supplied white noise and black out curtains we slept fairly late in the morning. The girls checked out their Santa loot and we enjoyed a leisurely morning. We made our way into the heart of a city that literally never sleeps. Or at the very least has a 24 hour Apple store! After a little adult self gifting we sat down to a wonderful Italian meal before the show. The Rockettes performance was amazing. Radio City Music Hall is beautiful and our seats (7th row) were incredible.

Our return to the hotel was something out of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Although it only involved trains, trains and sprinting to the platform. At 10 PM it dawned on us we hadn’t had dinner. The perfect Christmas dinner? Dominos Pizza.

We spent the next day shopping with the girls. The had a great time picking and buying their own gifts. Nice weather would have been great. Instead we got sleet. We still had a blast!

On our way home we all agreed this was the best Christmas ever. We threw convention out the door. Spent Christmas in a hotel, ate pizza and let the girls do their own shopping. And in the process made lots of wonderful memories.

I approached this holiday with a sense of dread. I will close out the year with great memories and a different sense of the meaning of Christmas.

Hope you all had a great year. 2013. On your mark….




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