Note to self

She is 8. Sophie that is. Well, me too – mentally.

Sophie had a great meet this past weekend. Our club hosted a “pentathlon” meet – the kids swam a 25 in all four strokes plus 100 IM. A trophy was presented to the top three swimmers for each age.

I didn’t expect Sophie to win a trophy. She lived up to that expectation, coming in 9th overall – still a wonderful accomplishment on her part.

Sophie did get best times in everything she swam. I am always happy about that, mostly because I have no idea how she will react if she doesn’t! She hadn’t swam 25’s in a while in anything but fly. That was both good and bad, we suspected best times were a given in most strokes. She has swam 25 fly in December. This being her “signature” event, also was the one she really cared about. I am pretty sure she had something to prove. At the last mini meet she had placed 14th in 25 fly and 5th in 50 fly. Both were solid swims but Sophie was annoyed that she hadn’t done better, in 25 and in 50 fly.

So here we are the pentathlon meets. Sophie swam free, back and breast. Best times in all. Last call in individual strokes. 25 fly. Sophie was seeded tenth and in an outside lane. Well. It turns out Little Miss Youngest swimmer in our family is the competitive one. She wanted to win. She would have to settle for second. She killed it.

There is no reason Sophie won’t get the 9-10 Junior Olympics cut for 50 fly next time she swims it. Keep in mind, she is 8! Keep in mind mom, she is 8.

Keep in mind she is 8. I keep getting ahead of myself about where/what Sophie is going to do in the coming years. Yet here she is. A 8 year old with some promise. I just want her to love swimming. And I need to remind myself of that often. It’s easy to become the people we hate the most. I am keeping an eye on myself. And reminding myself of the time three years ago when I had to throw her in the pool to get her to swim. We have come a long way. And we have a long way to go. She is after all only 8. I don’t want her to be the “best” at 8. We all know hat happens to them. Right? Right?

PS that was a 16.59 in case you care. She did.

3 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Congrats to Sophie! Ryan loved the Pilgrim Pentathlon, two first place trophies. We did have to remind him frequently he was only 8 and not headed just yet to the Olympics!

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