As soon as you start moving

All three of my girls have been complaining of various aches and pains. They sound like 43 year old women. This, I know a lot about.

The truth of the matter is, they are working them hard in practice. I always know when the coaches have stepped it up a notch. My girls eat me out of house and home, yet look lean and strong. They also willingly put themselves to bed. And getting them up in the morning requires a bullhorn.

Sarah and I were walking into the pool tonight and she said “my abs hurt”. I need to give credit where credit is due. Her soccer coach put them through a core workout last night that made my abs cry just watching it.

I realized that when they complain about aches and pains I start every response with “as soon as you start moving…”. And then I send them downstairs so I can sit on my tired achey 43 year old butt for two hours.

Your thoughts are?

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