Getting a kid to believe

I have always wondered…How do you get a kid to believe in themselves.

I just figured it out.  You don’t.

They do.

I tell my kids on a regular basis how awesome they are.  And they barely believe me.  And then something just clicks for them and they believe it.  Because they believe it.  I think it is important that I help my kids understand their self-worth but the worth that defines them is theirs.  Not mine.  From time to time I see self-doubt in my kids.  I want to fix it.  I have learned not to…they can.

At least today that is how I feel.  I can’t fix everything, or make everything perfect or even make my kids good at everything.  But I love them.  Even when they eat too much chocolate and go to bed without cleaning the kitchen because they have a tummy ache.

Hope your day was filled with love.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Getting a kid to believe

  1. As much as we want our children to live up to their potential there is little we can really do about it. I refuse to be a parent that pushes a kid so much that you run the risk of burnout. I see those parents and it looks like no one is having fun. At this point I try to do two things. One provide all the revelant information I can to my children and two be the best cheerleader I can. Other than that there isn’t much you can do. Kids will be who they are and in the end do what they want. I have really only one goal with my children. I want them to be able to move out of my house and support themselves for the rest of their lives. If they can do that then I figure I have done my job as a parent. I don’t really care what they end up doing. I just hope they do something they want to do. I know for certain there will be highs and lows along the way. They will screw up and hopefully learn something. Setbacks and failures are when we learn the most. But boy it is just tough not to intervene to help out.

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