It’s about time

Literally. And figuratively. Sophie really wanted to make a JO cut before her 9th birthday. She gave it her all and fell short on 50 and 100 fly – the two events she felt she had a shot at.

Our first a long course meet was two weeks after her 9th birthday. All three girls swam – it was our first meet with three kids in three age groups. With careful planning the weekend went very well. It was a long weekend but it wasn’t as bad as we had expected.

All three girls swam really well and were pleased with their times. It was Sarah and Sophie’s first LC meet so there were no expectations. It’s nice going in that way, expectations were easily met.

Grace swam some off events – she had already qualified for our next meet so nothing was on the line. She swam two events she was dreading – 100 breast and 200 fly – on Saturday. She completed the breast stroke without drowning which was all we had hoped for. She then swam a beautiful 200 fly. She beat her goal time but just fell short of the JO cut. Before the race she was certain she would die. She wanted to scratch and her coach and I ignored her. I think it is important for kids to try something outside their comfort zone. Grace did, not only did she survive the race, she enjoyed it. So much so that she is swimming it again in a few weeks, she has decided she wants that JO cut!

Sarah, having never swam LC just wanted to get a feel for the pool before setting any goals. She had a great weekend and is starting to see that she has the potential to do really well. Since the meet she has really been pushing herself in practice and I can’t wait to see what she does at the next meet.

I was worried Sophie would lose her mind when she saw the size of the pool. She didn’t. She swam really well on day 1. She missed the mark on her 50 fly, not swimming it quite a fast as she had hoped. Her final race day 2 was 100 fly. I was worried she would crash on the second 50. I was worried needlessly. She had an amazing swim.

After the race I got the famous wet Sophie hug. She was so happy, she is one of those kids who sheds tears of joy. I thought I knew why she was so happy. Sophie was just happy to have done well in her 100 fly. She didn’t realize that she had finally gotten that JO time she had wanted.

She wanted to do it before turning 9. Time wasn’t on her side in that regard – but in the end swimming is all about time. She made her first 9-10 qualifying cut as a 9 year old. But she did it the hard way. It’s not easy task swimming 100 fly LC at barely 9. But she sure made it look that way! And she was one happy kid leaving that pool!

Your thoughts are?

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