Okay, I lied…

I said we were done with mini meets.

Our club just hosted their annual “Welcome to summer mini-meet”. It is a 9 and under meet and as such Sophie was eligible to swim. It’s a fun meet, the event is held at an outdoor pool and is short course meters – as are our summer meets. It is a great opportunity to see how much progress they have made before summer swimming starts and gives the kids an idea how they will do at time trials.

Last year it was a beautiful day. This year promised to be over cast and rainy. Last year I wore sunscreen. This year jeans and a hoodie. Storms were predicted and they had thought about moving the meet indoors. I talked to the coach about possibly scratching and she said it was fine. I mentioned this to Sophie and she was adamant that she wanted to swim.

The weather held out and it was a decent day. Grace and I timed and Sarah helped the coaches find kids. Sophie’s very good friend on the team also swam and they had a great time. They gave each other thumbs up before racing and congratulated each other on alternating victories against each other. Before the races they were decided who would be the faster swimmer.

At the end they swam a relay together against two other teams and crushed them!

I woke up the day of the meet completely dreading it. I left in a great mood. I forgot how adorable 6 year olds are swimming breast stroke. They literally smile all the way down the pool. It was nice to spend time with the family, we celebrated with dinner out. Above all else it was a nice gentle reminder that summer swimming is about having fun! Seeing Sophie and her friend having so much fun together really drove home the point that summer swimming is about friendships, camaraderie, and lots of nachos.

I look forward to seeing our summer friends again. I’ll revisit this feeling in a few weeks – it’s all about the fun…

Your thoughts are?

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