Closing Time

This is one of my favorite Semisonic songs. It also very adequately sums up how I feel about the end of another summer swim season.

The season was a whirlwind. Most families that swim in the summer go to one or two meets a week. With three girls swimming we go to all of them. Plus all of our club meets. It gets exhausting. Most of the time the girls swam really well. And they tanked a few. It’s like this every year. I’m getting pretty good at handling the pressure. They still cry from time to time but in general they handle the competition with class. In the past I would get caught up in each race. Almost as if it were the last race they would ever swim. Now I realize the moment they are done with a race it is behind them. The important races are their future races. And if I am being honest I really hope the important races are not in the near future. Who needs to peak at 13, 11 or 9.

The girls have a lot to look forward to. Grace will be traveling to zones in a few weeks. The 6:30 AM practices for her won’t end until then. I admire her dedication and am proud of her for making zones at the bottom of her age group. I hope she does well. In the coming weeks we will also squeeze I. What I like to call “forced family fun”. We took the girls bowling yesterday. Grace somehow was able to bounce a ball from her lane into the lane next to hers. I guess dry land training has been paying off.

Once zones is finished we will be taking a much needed vacation which will include a visit to the University of Florida campus. Grace has dreams of one day swimming there. Which works out nicely, I would like to move to Florida. Our road trip will take us to south Florida for a week with Grandma and Papa. We need salt water and sand. Chlorine and concrete are banned from this trip!

As a new season approaches I can’t help but be reminded that:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

I can’t help but believe this coming year will have a lot of new beginnings.

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