Like all good swimmers should

I decided to channel my inner swimmer and take off the month of August. Sarah and Sophie wrapped up their summer swim season at Divisionals. Both had much better seasons than I had predicted. Grace made our summer leagues All Star Meet, both in individual events and relays. She also went on to swim at Zones.

She had one really good swim at zones which quite honestly was one more than I expected. My only expectation for zones is that she have fun. She did.

florida cousinsWe then took off on a road trip to South Florida.  First stop –  Atlanta, Sarah and Grace were both born in Atlanta and we hadn’t been back in ten years.  It was great – we surprised my sisters kids and spent a wonderful day together.  I showed the kids all of our favorite places, where they were born and lived.   It brought back lots of great memories of when Chris and I first met, got married and started a family.



florida tim

Next stop – University of Florida.  Grace was in absolute awe of the campus.  Sarah, who had always said she wanted to go to a small school, immediately decided she too wanted to go to a school with a larger campus.  (The truth is the football stadium won her over).  We spent a crazy amount of time (money) in the book store and took a walking tour of campus.  Sophie was worn out pretty quickly.  She has always said she wanted to go to Stanford.  I hope they have a good bus system there.  Walking isn’t her “thing”.  I’m glad she is smart and a good swimmer!  The girls were much more interested in the bookstore and football field than they were the pools.  Which is good, the competition pool did not live up to my expectations.  We are spoiled by the University of Maryland’s facilities.  Which makes it all the more sad that they don’t actually have a swim program any more.

We loved the campus and I think it would be incredible if Grace ended up there.  When we had seen enough we decided to drive around and see other parts of town.  Sorry if I’m offending anyone in Gainesville her but that is not a place I would want to live.  Sad but true fact, the campus appears to be the nice part of town.


girls floridaFrom there we were off to South Florida.  We spent a week in Delray, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  I spent a week annoying my husband with my desperate pleas to move to the area.   We had a fantastic time with my parents enjoying the beaches.  We had vowed not to step foot in a pool  We didn’t live up to our vow.  We spent a lot of time at the pool.  The Marriott pool!  Despite needing a break from swimming, we still love a good outdoor pool for some leisure time.


Like all good things do, our vacation had to end.  We spent two days driving home, stopping in Jacksonville to check out  Bolles School.    Anyone have an extra $60k a year laying around?  All three girls would be more than happy to go to school there!

Our final stop?  Home.  Although the girls did FINALLY convince me to stop at South of the Border.  We got our WTF? moment.

girls sobWe had a fantastic vacation, we drove over 3,000 miles,  Laughed a lot and created many memories.  Music was a big part of our road trip.  A song we heard a lot completely describes how I felt coming home.  Summertime Sadness.  Because it is over.  And the madness begins…here we go…




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