Fix the flaw

Piggy backing on my previous post, Grace was DQ’s for the first time in a really long time at the meet last weekend. She was advised, not so kindly to “fix the flaw”. Grace was pretty adamant there was none and that it was a bogus call.  I watched the race and my assessment on her turns is the same as always.  She has a cute “beast mode” face.  I have no idea what I am looking at.  And I was trained in stroke and turn.  I will stick to timing.

Grace went to practice Monday and unbeknownst to her, the coaches were watching her fly with a very critical eye.  They didn’t want her to know, they were hoping her turns would be perfect.  They weren’t.  Two coaches, who both know her well, saw something they described as “a funny thing she does with her feet”.  Neither actually saw it as an alternating kick or a DQable offense but both of them agreed that in a race a turn judge could see it as an alternating kick.  Once they made her aware of it, she could actually sense what she was doing wrong.  I guarantee her fly turns next meet will be amazing!

Speaking of fly turns, or turns in general, Grace immediately signed up to do 400 IM at a meet her group is not attending.  They are going to an out of state meet the weekend before and entries have already been turned in for it.  She is going to this meet and just doing the IM.  She gave her coaches a pass and told them she didn’t need them there, that a coach she knows well is attending and she is comfortable with that.

I’m proud of her for being open to fixing a real or perceived flaw.  I’m even more proud of her for deciding to prove herself in the race.  In the end, that DQ will do her a world of good.  Her head will be in it to win it next time.

I hope the critics are watching.  And if she DQ’s again I’m going to need a whole bottle of wine.

Your thoughts are?

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