April Fools

My morning ritual consists of two things.  Lots of coffee and looking at Facebook.  This morning I got excited – I thought we had skipped winter and moved right to April 1st.  Most of my friends were posting photos of cookies they had decorated, pumpkins they had carved or costume dress rehearsals.  I honestly thought I was being punked.  I didn’t know people actually did any of this.

I don’t bake.  So cookie decorating is out.  I don’t buy pumpkins any more.  I’m tired of getting a letter in February from my HOA advising me that I will be fined if I don’t throw away my rotting pumpkins and take down my Christmas lights.  I had to use a blow torch to thaw them a few years ago and vowed right then and there that we would not do outdoor holiday decorating again.  Costume dress rehearsal?  Sarah still needs a long sleeve black shirt and tights.  I’m screwed.

I blame my lack of holiday spirit on being a swim mom.  Last night, just like any other night, I sat at the pool for two hours while my kids practiced.  I wasn’t at home baking or spreading newspaper in preparation for a carving massacre.  I didn’t even feel guilty about it.  Until I woke up this morning.  I tried to quickly come up with something EVEN BETTER than carving pumpkins.  I thought about making orange scrambled eggs but we don’t have food coloring.  What to do, what to do..

Grace isn’t going trick or treating this year.  She is hanging out with friends watching movies.  I’ll drop her and several friends off and give her some cash so they can order a pizza.  Sarah is going to a friends house and trick or treating with them and having a sleepover.  By 7:30 AM I have officially been dismissed by 2 of my 3.

Sophie wakes up just as the other two are leaving.  She is in 4th grade this year and her school party is at 1:30.  She hadn’t said too much about it but as she woke up she asked if I would come to her party!  I won’t lie.  I loathe school parties.  But I was thrilled to be asked.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Today is her best friends birthday.  Sophie has been invited to her house for pizza and trick or treating.  Sophie asked what time she was supposed to be there.  And then said “you are coming right?”  Yes Sophie, I’m all yours.

Admittedly, I am not super mom.  I don’t do crafts.  Or bake.  But I am there for the kids when they need me.  I also will let them go when they want to.  My feelings aren’t hurt that Grace and Sarah  are off doing their own thing.   Maybe I’ll get a photo of them tonight that I can post on facebook.  Maybe I won’t.

I did talk Teddie into trying on his costume for me.  That must count for something.  Happy Halloween.

teddie cat

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