I feel the need for speed.

Or to slow down.  Maryland State Champs was a few weeks ago.  It is a long course meet that is close to home and held out and outdoor pool.  I enjoy being outside for meets, all of our summer meets are held at our door pools but most PVS meets are not only indoors but most of the facilities are terrible.

Grace already has three zones cuts and Sarah had one.  Sophie had not swam her best events (50 and 100 fly) in a long course meet.  I was optimistic she would make both of them at this meet.

Grace’s expectations were low for this meet.  Her coach does not taper them for this meet.  As a matter of fact, they had an early morning practice the day the meet started.  This is uncharted territory for us, I’m having a hard time going to a meet with the expectation that she won’t do well.  I need to get used to it, this seems to be the norm amongst high school swimmers swimming in the National Training Group with our club.  She did hammer out an impressive 50 free, which made me hopeful for her first tapered meet.  I’m anxious for that meet, I miss the glory days of dropping time and I know Grace does too!

Sarah and Sophie both had a great meet, dropping time in all of their swims.  Sophie got her 100 fly zone cut and missed the 50 by a few tenths of a second.  She swam both races in the slowest heat and pulled out a second and a fifth place finish.  I can’t wait to see her race these with some competition.  Sarah was a top contender in several events over the weekend.

I was doing the meet solo, Chris was out of town helping his mother out.  I thought it was going to be a painful weekend but it turned out great.  I spent some time with friends and got a great tan.  It was a fun weekend.

My fun was short lived, a week after the meet I got three speeding tickets in the mail – violations captured by a speed camera.  I thought the speed limit was 35.  It is not.  It is 25.  The weekend was costly, we now have three girls going to zones and I have three tickets to pay.  I’m taking a cab next time I go to that pool.

This is a fun photo from the weekend, Sophie’s coach is the goofball in the lower right corner and Sophie is the big mouth next to them.  She is an amazing coach that never lets these girls forget that swimming is FUN!  We love her.

2 thoughts on “I feel the need for speed.

  1. How does Zone’s team selection work for your LSC? If they make a Zone time they get to attend?
    Our LSC only takes up to 4 kids per age group/gender. Although it really could do more with the cost of the trip, rather than wanting to keep the team small. Our LSC will pay up to $400 per kid but it still ends up costing families close to $1000 after that. No matter where Zone’s is we have to fly 🙂

    • We have spring and summer zones. Spring zones are short course and are the two fastest swimmers in our LSC per event/age group. We are in the PVS and it a tough meet to make. Our summer zones are long course and are a time standard, usually triple A cuts. The spring zones are considered the prestigious ones but the summer zones are thought of as the fun zones because a couple hundred kids go. Ours is reasonably priced, $550 which includes the bus, hotel, food, three t-shirts and a sweat jacket and pants. The kids have a ball, stay up all night, make lots of new friends and by and large swim pretty poorly. Most parents don’t expect best times. Most. I have rationalized that it is a celebratory party for making zones, rather than a swim meet!

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