Breaking up is hard to do.

We met with Grace’s coach today and told him.  I had rehearsed the speech many times in my head.  I had a bunch of things planned to say.  They all came out at once.  I was petrified he would be mad.

He wasn’t.  He was so kind. He was sad to see her go but also felt that we made a really solid decision for her.  He completely understood and most importantly told her the door was always open should she want to come back.  The discussion was frank and honest.  I should be so relieved.  I came home and cried instead.

In the end, I am grateful that it was that painful.  My kids are so fortunate to have such amazing coaches.  It’s a good problem to have.

5 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do.

  1. We have been exactly where you are. It did not turn out well for our swimmer. He digressed quickly in the new program. Like you, we had no issues with the team close to home, but we wanted him to be on a larger team with more swimmers his age and ability level. Unfortunately, our swimmer was too immature and had a GREAT TIME but his swimming suffered while he was busy making friends. We are now back on the local team and he is slowly making progress but we fear there is not enough time to make up the loss. Just be aware and be ready to move her back if the new team does not benefit her. Where will your other girls swim?

    • My other two girls will stay where they are. I’m not too worried about Grace, she is really focused during practice and she is pretty mature. She is in high school and really doesn’t have friends who swim at her school at this level so she is looking for a nice group of girls that really get the swim lifestyle. The social component that she is looking for in swim is really out of the pool – not in it. My middle one? That is a whole other story. I nicknamed her the mayor of zones. She is a little too social.

      • That’s really good. Your family will remain connected to your original team. I enjoyed your description of zones in an earlier post. So funny! So true!

  2. People ask me all the time when I am going to move my daughter from our team, which is young and fairly untested at the senior level. Our feeling is as long as she is happy, and continues to improve, why move? But if she were unhappy at all, I would switch her in a heartbeat. Sure success breeds happiness but happiness breeds success. You are doing the right thing by making this move – you have to give it a try or you will always wonder.

    • Thanks! I agree, we have nothing to lose. I have lost too much sleep worrying about this. I really like the quote “success breeds happiness but happiness breeds success”. I needed to hear that!

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