Fitter and Faster Swim Tour

Fitter and Faster is offering clinics throughout the US.  These are geared towards the higher level competitor.

This one is being held locally this coming weekend.  I’m not sure we can attend this one but I would love to get my girls to one. I spent some time chatting with their local representative at zones and was really impressed!

High Performance Racing and Mindset

This clinic focuses on the High Performance Racing and Mental techniques, skills, turns, drills, and starts of Olympian Lacey Nymeyer and USA National Team members Tim Phillips and Katie Meili.  The clinic is sponosred by Potomac Valley Swimming and is exclusively for PVS swimmers ages 12 and over.  There will be a special “Raising an Olympian” parent education seminar, led by Olympic parent Stacey Nymeyer (mother of Lacey).


  • PERFECT STREAMLINING AND BODY POSITION: Understanding and practicing how a more streamlined body position can affect your efficiency in through the water is a crucial skill.  Using drills the teach balance and body awareness, Nymeyer and Phillips will show how the slightest changes in core tension will cause your body to rise or sink in the water.
  • EXPLOSIVE AND EFFICIENT STARTS: During the start, energy can easily be wasted when swimmers focus too much on “jumping up,” instead of “driving out and forward.” Learn from Nymeyer, Phillips and Meili on how to use your arms, legs and full body strength for an explosive and efficient start.
  • HIGH SPEED AND “TIGHT” TURNS: Learn how to maintain full speed momentum in and out of each wall and what specific skills to focus on, to achieve a tight, fast turn.
  • PERFECTLY TIMED BREAKOUTS: The breakout stroke is a crucial part of every event, especially in short course racing.  Phillips, Nymeyer and Meili will teach how to achieve a perfect body position and stay “in plane” during the breakout.  This will allow for the most efficient transition from underwater to the surface.


  • Get inside the minds of three of the best swimmers in the world.  Nymeyer, Phillips, and Meili will discuss their approach to goal setting, building an effective relationship with your coach and balancing life as a student-athlete.


  • POWERFUL AND CONSISTENT KICKING:  Nymeyer and Meili will demonstrate the most efficient way for to maximize the freestyle kick and generate power from the legs.  By focusing on maintaining loose and “whip-like” ankles directly under the surface of the water, participants will be able to maintain a more balanced and constant kick throughout their entire race.
  • MAXIMIZE THE “CATCH”: Having a great “pull” is all about maximizing the amount of water you can hold or “catch” during your stroke.  Nymeyer will focus on helping participants maximize the surface area of their hand and forearm, by initiating the catch phase early and getting rid of any unnecessary movements during the pull.
  • HEAD POSITION AND BREATHING: While swimming butterfly the entire body should be moving forward and it begins by leading with the head.  Phillips and Meili will teach to not pick up the head to breathe and minimize the up and down movement during the breath phase.
  • FAST AND EFFICIENT RECOVERY: At the end of the stroke, you snap your arms and hands out of the “back end” of your stroke.  This allows you to use all of the power and momentum from your catch to your advantage and is the best way to keep a powerful and efficient recovery. WATCH THE CLINICIANS: Observe  Nymeyer, Phillips, and Meili swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast freestyle and butterfly




One thought on “Fitter and Faster Swim Tour

  1. These clinics have been a great marketing tool for swimming over the past couple of years. Take for instance kids in Alaska that may never be at a meet that an olympian is at or have the chance to go to long clinic that said olympian is at. This was the third summer that Fitter Faster has come to AK. The past 2 summers they came to a low key summer meet in Fairbanks, AK and did the clinic directly after the meet. For our age group and senior champs this year they brought two clinicians back up and had them on deck during the meets. The kids could go over and chat/have pictures taken… with them. They also handed out awards. There is a great pic of Kara Lynn Joyce handing one of the AK age group high point winners their award , each thought the other was holding it, so it has both with hands out as the award drops to the ground. pretty sure the award was replaced.
    This summer they ran 4 clinics in Alaska with two different sets of staff, each group did 2 clinics, so all the areas would be able to participate and then the clinicians each got a couple extra days that they were taken sight seeing and what not. I think in terms of the athlete experience the kids here have gotten to take advantage of that a little more. basing that on what they post on their FB. Ours have been geared toward the 12 and under set. I know my team kiddos really enjoyed the clinics and “racing” the clinicians.

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