You said it. Now what are you going to do?

It’s a little ironic, my last post was about how tight lipped everyone is about their swim teams, sites and groups.  I suggested it would be a lot more liberating if we were able to have open and honest conversations with one another.  And now I want someone to shut up.

The other day an email was sent to the director of the site where Sophie and Sarah swim.  Subject line:  Gossip.  Body of the email:  Word on the street is, Sarah and Sophie are being pulled immediately from RMSC and being moved to NCAP.  The worst part is, the email was sent by someone I have known for years, someone I considered a personal friend.  And someone I haven’t seen in several months.  Actually, that isn’t even the worst part.  The worst part is that it is completely false.

My biggest fear when I moved Grace was that Sarah and Sophie would be treated differently.  That the coaches would view them as “it’s just a matter of time”.  And I didn’t want that for them.  As I have said many times, I didn’t move Grace because I was unhappy.  I moved her because she was unhappy and needed to make a change.  For her.  The other two girls were never a consideration.    The other two girls have never stepped foot on the other teams pool deck, let alone attended a practice.  I won’t lie, before I paid for this session I asked them a simple questions.  “Are you happy where you are”?  Without hesitation they both said yes.  It only confirmed what I already knew.  I always ask my kids this though, before registering them for anything.  I got burned once, I registered Sophie for soccer and when she found out she asked why – turns out she hated soccer.  You only make that mistake once.

What really irritates me is that there have been no issues from any of the coaches.  Grace has been to the pool with me many times to visit everyone and is always smiling and happy there.  She misses her friend.  And she is also happier than I have seen her in a long time.  Sarah and Sophie have a huge group of friends and love their coaches.  My kids are really happy.  Grace commented the other day that I have seemed very happily lately too.  I don’t think I realize how hard it was on me seeing my daughter sad and also being in a period of indecisions.  I am happy.  Everything truly worked out better than I had ever hoped.

And then this email was sent.  I was so mad.  I went to far as to text the person who sent it and she denied it.  It was confirmed that she absolutely sent the email and then lied to me about it.  I fumed for a bit and then I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning happy.  I don’t have to do anything to prove her wrong.  Sarah and Sophie went to practice that next day.  Because they want to be there.  I still don’t know what her motivation was for sending it.  I also don’t care.

I have had a few parents try and antagonize me, in the hopes of my saying something negative.  They have failed.  Miserably.

I time at swim meets.  It’s nice, you don’t have to talk to people.  I’ll continue that practice.  I’m happy to have a pleasant conversation with you.  But please don’t create drama where there is none.  Dual alliances? – maybe.  Family rivalry? – No way.


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One thought on “You said it. Now what are you going to do?

  1. Gossips among parents are always tough. Just be yourself and things usually work themselves out in the end!! Keep up the good work with your kids!

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