Not one of my better ideas

This has been a particularly crazy week. Grace is in high school this year and has fully embraced homecoming week. She spent all day Sunday helping decorate the freshman hallway for spirit week. She also decided to play powder puff football so had a few practices and a game last night. Sarah had a cross country meet Tuesday (she came in 3rd, not too shabby for a kid that is “only” a swimmer” and had a school event last night. We have also had a full schedule of swim practice for all three girls. First meet of the season is this weekend.

This weekend doesn’t get any better. Friday night is the homecoming game. Sarah and Sophie are also swimming 500 free. Saturday morning we have a bar mitzvah service to attend, two sessions of a swim meet and an early morning practice for Grace. The evening will be just as busy – we will be attending the bar mitzvah reception and Grace has her first homecoming dance. Sunday is easy. Only two sessions of a swim meet.

Recently my crazy swim schedule was featured in the October issue of Real Simple magazine, along side a great article about kids with talent. I couldn’t help but notice the irony of a magazine devoted to making life more simple was showcasing the life of a swim mom. The reality is, we need to simplify other aspects of our lives, being a swim family is complicated enough. It was also great to see two swim families high lighted in the article, swimming is often over looked as a sport, favor is often given to sports such as soccer and football – they are more familiar to a broad base.

I decided to do a little simplifying tonight. I kept Sarah and Sophie home from swim practice. I felt that a nice family dinner and some quality rest would make this crazy weekend a little more tolerable. Grace and I are settling in, we go to bed early on Thursday night knowing we have a 4 am wake up call for practice. My other two monkeys are climbing the walls. I’m about to send them out for a run. Swimmers need to swim. They can’t handle not being active. Keeping them out of the water tonight was a very bad idea. I know better.

Tomorrow starts a new season for us. Grace’s first meet is the following weekend. Best of luck to all this season. I hope for fast times and more importantly happy kids.

Make sure to pick up the October Issue of Real Simple to read the full article.


6 thoughts on “Not one of my better ideas

  1. Here is the deal we and our kids will never be able to do everything that is offered to us. But anyone that is outside of swimming is going to look at the swimming schedule and say that is the item that is taking too much time. Those people don’t understand the sport and know what it takes to get better. Like you also say those people don’t know what a swimmer is like when they are out of the pool.

    My daughter missed practice last night for a girl scout meeting that was rescheduled. She walked out of that meeting saying that was not worth missing practice for.

    My daughter is in 8th grade now. I have spent the last 12 or so months pointing out times and things that keep her from practice and her teammates. She understands now. I say to her she has to decide what she wants to do and many activities are her choice. She gets it now. Before she agrees to anything she thinks about swimming. She has her meet schedule for the winter season memorized.

    But there are times she will forgo practice. She had a swimmer bday party to go to one Saturday. The only practice on that day she could get to that day would have made her a min of an hour late for the bday party. But we were leaving a little early to get my daughter to another bday sleepover party for a school friend. My daughter made the decision not to go to practice spend the time at both parties and not leave one early after arriving late.

    These are all choices we have to make. Just because people do things others would not they should not put their ideas on them. I would rather sit through a swim meet than a band concert even if it was my daughter in both. That is just me.

    I am fine if my daughter just wants to swim and basically nothing else. It is her choice. She does understand though once in HS she probably should be in some clubs for the college apps. If she is focused enough to do swimming well then more power to her.

    My daughter was looking ahead to the last week of 8th grade and all the activities. Great America trip. Dance. Rehresal graduation. And the actual graduation. She is contemplating not going to the Dance. Her aunts and mom think she is crazy. In her mind that is 4 practices missed. I say let her choose.

    But in the end you can’t really talk to a non-swimming family about our schedules. They don’t understand. Even some of the travel sports don’t spend the time a swim family does, especially a swim family with multiple swimmers across practice times and swim meet sessions. I no longer mention our schedule to many people especially relatives. We will just be judged and I don’t need that.

  2. Yep – I have 2 swimmers – a girl 12 (Grace, actually) and a boy almost 10. They swim a combined 11 times a week. You don’t get it unless you are in it. My daughter just told me she would swim 5 hours a day if she could. Wow – sold.

      • She can already eat like a horse, so to speak, so no I can’t imagine. We live in Canada and vacation in Phoenix, where we have had a coach work with Grace. It’s interesting to see the difference in the programs. We swim in meters, for the most part. We swim indoors (almost) always. We are usually done by the end of July, at the latest (that will change as they get older). Nice sharing thoughts with other swim moms, as it is mentally an international sport! I’m off to make muffins for the 6+ kids I haul to the pool most days!

      • My husband swam in California and Arizona and had never swam in an indoor pool until he moved east! We have some friends who just moved to Phoenix! I’m jealous. I don’t bake. My kids would die if I made muffins. Literally!

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