It’s a family affair

This weekend is the annual National Age Group Team Challenge (NAGS) meet hosted by RMSC. This meet gathers the top 3 swimmers in events by AGE (not age group) for the top swim clubs in the area. They compete for the title of top team. This meet has been held the weekend of Grace’s birthday and as such has become her favorite meet as it is her last meet at any given age. Kids compete up to the age of 14. Unfortunately this year the calendar was not in her favor. She aged up a few days before the start of the meet. Aged up and aged out. Last year was her final year (13). Fourteen would never happen. She was slightly disappointed. Because it’s a fun meet to visit friends from all over. Friends from summer league, age group champs and zones.

Sophie made the meet in 100 fly as a 9 year old. This year she made 100 fly 200 IM and two relays. Sarah did not make the meet in years past and missed 100 breast by .1. She was fortunate though and made a relay. In other words she will get a bag tag and a t-shirt. Sad but true fact, that matters!

Because the relays are all in one session, Sarah and Sophie will both be swimming this afternoon. Sophie’s individual events are tomorrow.

Chris and I enjoy timing together at meets. We signed up to time relays. Grace signed up to collect timer sheets. This gives her on deck access, she can visit friends and be part of the action.

Since this is a scored meet team vs team I’ll be pulling for RMSC. My two swimmers both swim for RMSC. Grace likely will be cheering for her NCAP teammates. And her sisters. Maybe even some of her old teammates. I would love to say “may the best team win”. But the best team has become a relative term to me. Depends on which one of my relatives you are talking about.

I’m wearing pink. No alliances. Swim fast Sarah and Sophie. (And watch out for Grace she will totally “borrow” your t-shirts!)

One thought on “It’s a family affair

  1. I like the concept of this meet. Wondering if there is a limit to how many swims each swimmer can swim? Or if it is a you qualified for X number of swims you get to swim up to the daily limit.

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