Short list of things I need

1. More money. How can a sport that has little to no equipment cost so much? In addition to cash I’ll take hotel points, gas money and chipotle gift cards.

2. Three knee skins. Preferably the $400 ones. They all need one. I can’t type need in the right voice but you understand the need I’m talking about. And they ain’t lying. Everyone has one. Even 9 year olds that aren’t legal in freestyle. Sophie has decided she wants one and Grace and Sarah need new ones.

3: A crystal ball. I can’t ever turn my brain off. I constantly find myself concerned that I’m not doing the right thing. Or enough. Or too much. A crystal ball would sure help. That or a glass of wine.

4. An oil change. I’m a little past that number on the sticker. As a matter of fact we all know they lie and we can squeeze an extra 2k miles out of it. That being said – I need an oil change. Can we add two hours to the day tomorrow? That’s the only thing stopping me. The gas tank is also on empty. Always.

5. A nap. I could probably squeeze that in during the oil change. I won’t be too greedy. I need a shower too so I suspect no one would sit too close. The snoring shouldn’t be too annoying.

6. A proper meal. (Enough said).

7. Super glue. I seriously can’t deal with the heartbreak every time Sophie gets to a big meet, dives in and loses her goggles. I thought she was a rock star swimming her seed in 100 fly without goggles. I had to belly up to the bar at Starbucks to stop her waterworks. Double capping hurts her head. Watching her do this hurts my brain. She said she’ll do it if I buy her a knee skin. The two tone $400 model.

Did I mention money? Sponsorship? Jar of change?

5 thoughts on “Short list of things I need

  1. Just throwing a thought out: Maybe the type of goggles that she wears are not the right fit for her face. Harder to get the suction right even with good straps.

    Let me tell you I read #2 in just the right tone 🙂

    -AK Coach

    • You know that may be the case she constantly fidgets with them. We have always used speedo vanquishes and I haven’t considered that they may not work for her. I attribute it to the fidgeting but she may be messing with them because of the fit.

      I’ll have her try another style in practice.

      It’s usually the obvious that we over look!!,

      • Try the suction test. Put just goggles on the eyes, no straps see if they can stay in place for 5 seconds or so. If your local swim/sporting store will let you open packages try with multiple different types from kids/juniors/adults to find the best fit.

        For kids with somewhat smaller faces I really like the TYR flexframe(NOT swimple!) They tend to stay in place well. Not usually what one thinks of in terms of racing goggles but I like how they have held up for multiple different swimmers at the beginning swimmer to zone level- primarily for 12 and under.

  2. After a bday debacle where my swimmer asked her Grandmother and two Aunts for the old kneeskin with gold stitching two years ago. Cost was around $200, but they did not want to give money and they definitely don’t understand tech suits. Of course if they ever came to watch her maybe they would understand. After that we told our swimmer she has to buy her kneeskin with her own money.

    That is the only outlay of cash she has to make for swimming. She has definitely learned about budgeting money. Funny thing now money to her are only in units of tech suits. She gets a decent allowance each week for doing chores without being told.

    Never in my wildest dreams would I believe a simple sport like swim would cost so much in terms of equipment. I was clueless.

    You could delay your youngest swimmer on the kneeskin if she was your oldest. I am sure having older siblings swimming makes Sophie want a kneeskin.

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