Enjoy the process…

I absolutely love SwimSwam.  I follow them on facebook and I’m constantly sharing their articles or they are being shared with me.  My all time favorite swim mom sent this one to me this morning and I thought it was just spot on.

Enjoy the Process

My kids love reading SwimSwam and are particularly excited when an article is posted about a friend, or about a meet they were at.  It’s really a great site, filled with lots of inspiration.  If you haven’t checked them out you are definitely missing out.

Sarah’s claim to fame – her photo was featured during our 14&U JO Champs!

69A6852 320x480 Maryland 14&U Junior Olympic Championships: Faces Around the Deck Photo Vault

2 thoughts on “Enjoy the process…

  1. Here is what my daughter has done for me. She has made me a fan of the sport of swimming. I am a huge sports person. I have been ever since I was a kid. I played sports as a kid, but only ones with balls. My claim to fame is my senior year in HS a bunch of my buddies and I were at a restaurant and they had trivia set up in a game across the country. It was sports night, but it was also 80s sports only because the decade was about to end. Yes I am old. We finished 2nd as a team and many of us were in the top 20 for the night. Yes I am the type that can remember any dumb stat, which is why many parents think I am weird because I know everyone’s times.

    Then I had two daughters. And neither are huge into popular sports. My oldest is the swimmer. I knew nothing almost 7 years ago. Now I know way too much. But now I am a fan of the sport. I rarely watch football or baseball anymore. Who has time when stuck at pools all the time. Over the years I have come to respect swimmers more than almost any other sports. I don’t care how fast you are if you swim club and HS all 4 years I respect you. Even if you never make state. Just committing to the amount of time as a kid is amazing.

    I follow two distinct groups on twitter. Poker players and swimmers. It is odd. But I know a lot about what is going on in college swimming. And to top it off here is how much of a fan of swimming I am. Myself and another parent are doing a swimming pool for the state HS swim meet this weekend. Not a pool like you are thinking, but like a March Madness Pool. Yes I will be doing a draft of 10 HS swimmers later tonight and betting that my swimmers will score more points than my opponent’s picks. It is just for bragging rights, but is fun. And before you think it is easy by just picking the highest seeded swimmers it isn’t because you have to know if their qualifying times were on taper or not.

    But I have my daughter to thank for this. By her swimming it introduced me truly to the sport all the good and tough parts. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t know who won at NCAAs last year, but I do.

    So no matter how well my daughter does at a meet or in an entire season I will always be proud of her just for having the guts to step up on those blocks all by herself. Because that is when you have to leave all the excuses behind. If you are willing to do that meet after meet you are ok in my book.

    I am my daughter’s biggest cheerleader no matter if she drops or adds.

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