But it’s a slow pool

This weekend is the redemption meet. Both Sarah and Sophie were looking to settle a few scores. They had both fallen short on personal goals at the last meet and both went to their coaches asking to change meet entries trying to settle the score. Both were granted permission.

Sophie had problems keeping her goggles on and dropped then on her dive at a big meet last month. She was devastated and wanted a chance to redeem herself. She swam it without any real completion last night, dropped time and got the AAA cut. She also swam a really impressive backstroke. I think she has a stroke that can rival her fly. Today she swam 200 fly with the 11-12’s. She only had a long course time in it and wanted the short course JO cut. She crushed it, along with many twelve year olds. Not too shabby for a 10 year old! I know you are dying to know…yes, her goggles stayed put. She had them secure under her cap!! Baby is coming back tonight for 100 back and 50 fly and I’m optimistic she will do well.

Sarah had her eye on one prize. Before aging up she wanted to get the AAAA cut in 50 breast. This was her last chance to swim it. She had to negotiate with her coaches, she swam 400 IM yesterday. She did a great job in it. She had debated wearing her kneeskin for the 50 breast but in the end decided to wear her regular competition suit. She rarely speaks to me at meets, usually just for money. She called me before her race and said “I’m nervous”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was nervous too.

She is a confident swimmer. Sarah always believes she is going to win. I love her drive. I knew the moment she got on the block that she was going to do it. And she did. She took off .66 and got the time by .33!!! She won the heat by a full 2 secondsI. I was so happy for her. She ages up next week and will never swim the race again. What a great way to leave 11-12 behind. Watch out 13-14 here she comes. I am really happy for her.

All that, in a really slow pool, no one to race, and no fancy kneeskin. Sometimes just wanting it really bad is enough!!! I’m a proud momma.

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