Hey you

Yes, you. The one playing words with friends on your phone. Did you notice it just got really quiet in here? That is because the meet just stopped. No one puked in the pool. A DQ isn’t being debated. They aren’t even fixing the touch pad. Those of us on deck aren’t looking for some random person in the spectator seating area. We are looking for you. They have stopped the meet because you are too self important to come down and help us time.

At yesterday’s meet the boys and girls sessions were both stopped due to lack of timers. The kids who were warmed up and ready to swim sat on the cold pool deck. We stood on our tired feet. Out other kids got picked up from school by friends and neighbors. Thirty minutes passed. You may have even started a new game or played a 100 point word.

I try hard not to judge other people but I don’t even try to stop myself from judging people who refuse to come help out. By the time we got to 400 IM I timed lane 1, was head timer and results runner. It’s sad that people aren’t willing to come help out.

A few months ago one of my kids asked me if I timed at all the meets “to look good”. I can’t help but chuckle, I roll out of bed for swim meets, cute I am not but I don’t think that is what she meant. At the time I answered her honestly, I time because it’s the right thing to do. The truth is, I time because that is where all the normal people hang out.

See you on deck. I’m head timer today at our high school meet!

5 thoughts on “Hey you

  1. There are many of us who share in your frustration. There seems to be no solution to this problem. Maybe someone will read this post, recognize themselves, and make a change. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I will admit to being so thankful when our meet this weekend did not have to call for timers. The first for our area in a long time!

    Do 400IM, 500, 1000, 1650 free’s in your area have to (or are supposed to) have their own timers?

    • Yes, the 400 IM’s and distance free events require kids to have their own timer. At some meets the timers do stay and time the 400 IM. I look at the time lines when deciding what sessions to time. If my child is swimming the second to last or last event I will time.

      NCAP requires a certain number of volunteer hours RMSC does not. I don’t notice any difference in people’s willingness to help. As is the norm, there are people who help and people who don’t. Anywhere you go.

  3. What bugs me about the whole timing issue are two main things. First, it isn’t like the meet was just scheduled yesterday so why things/people can’t be in place is beyond me.

    Second, my swimmer has been on two teams in her career. Those two teams are about the only two teams I know that never ask for timers from visiting teams. We go to plenty meets where we have to supply timers. Somehow I have gotten the short end of the straw twice. I don’t mind timing too much for a visiting team except for Championship type meets. Your team gets all funds for those meets but you don’t have enough volunteers.

    • I wish our championship meets went out to bid. I have always thought they could be run better that way. Alaska Swimming is divided into 4 sections (Central/South Central/ Northern and SouthEast. Our junior olympic meet is always in the Central Area (Anchorage), age group champs and senior champs rotate between the other 3 areas. When an area has a championship meet it is the responsibility for all teams in the area to help to the money from the meet does not directly go back to any one team.

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