I will turn this car around right now…

Sophie was really stressed out Friday night over a birthday party she had been invited to.  She did not want to miss practice the night before a meet.  She is very ritualistic in her approach to life, especially when it comes to swimming.  She likes the Friday night practice, they do meet warm-up, practice the strokes they are swimming for the meet and work on starts and turns.  It’s a great quality of hers but it is also important to remember she is ten.

We worked it out that after practice she would stop by the party for pizza and cake and she would have about an hour to catch up with her friends.  We packed up and were heading to the pool.  She had her beautifully wrapped gift to one side of her feet.  Her swim bag to the other.  As we were about to make a right turn into the pool complex she looked at me and said “I guess it wouldn’t have mattered if I had skipped”.  She wasn’t quiet on the way to the pool.  Didn’t appear to be in deep thought.  I am quite sure this thought popped randomly into her head as we were approaching the pool.

Without saying a thing I turned left and simply said “go to the party”.  She never second guessed the decision.

With day one of the meet behind her we can safely say nothing bad happened because she missed a practice.

At the meet (IMX) the kids have to swim all five events (and they must have a time in the events) and they receive an overall ranking at the completion of the meet.  She was entered as a NT in her 100 breast, she just swam it last week so it didn’t “officially” transfer to the psyche sheet.  I thrilled because breast stroke is her least favorite stroke and it was last yesterday, meaning we would get to leave very quickly because she was in the first heat.  What I didn’t count on was that she was also seeded 13th in fly, putting her in the second to last heat of fly.  She swam her fly, and dropped time.  She got out as the last race of fly started, stepped to the left smiled and a minute later hopped on the next block over to swim 100 breast.  It wasn’t a best time but I didn’t expect it would be.  She laughed about it all the way home.

It was a huge win though.  A year ago the very notion of this would have put her into a tail spin.  Missing practice before a meet wouldn’t have been an option.  Sophie has really matured through the sport of swimming and is becoming more adaptable to things outside her comfort zone.  I’m proud of her!  She is back at the meet and her smile has faded somewhat.  She is missing the kick-off to the Super Bowl.  Who came up with today as a good day for a swim meet?

One thought on “I will turn this car around right now…

  1. We had a meet this weekend also but it was only Fri/Sat. I think about 3 years or so ago they switched it from a Fri-Sun to the 2 day format simply because people didn’t show for day 3 and it was hard to get officials.

    I will say that I would love for our IMX meet to be 2 full days though. Ours is in November and has the 200 IM for everyone on Friday night, Saturday has all the other events in one session.

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