Seven bucks for sanity

Last weekend Sarah and Sophie swam at Junior Olympics at University of Maryland. We have been to this pool many times, it’s a great place for meets – plenty of seating for the swimmers and the spectators. It’s a beautiful faculty and considered a fast pool. That being said, my kids have had some terrible luck there. Over the years I have definitely learned to relax over these championship meets. The true honor is qualifying for the meet. Doing well is an added bonus. For the younger kids, making this meet is very important and certainly not something to be taken for granted.

Sarah had some good fortune and some back luck in qualifying for this meet. She achieved the 13-14 qualifying time for 100 breast while still 12. She also had the long course qualifying time for 200 breast. It’s nice to start a season off with two cuts, especially if you age up in November. Sarah had a great meet in October and came close to some more cuts. We were both fairly certain that at the holiday invitational she would get them. What she got instead was the flu. In January we went to a travel meet which was really fun but in no way conducive to best times. Sessions were insanely long, competition was weak and the pool was slow. Sarah was in good company, there weren’t too many best times. Fortunately, she still had the February qualifier. Thanks to a foot of snow, that meet didn’t happen. In the end, she was grateful she had two cuts! It was two more than many of her friends.

Sophie has a great birthday for this meet. She will turn 11 in a month. She had all the cuts but breast stroke. She was able to swim six (the maximum) events and had the luxury of choosing the events she had the best odds in. She will be 11 for her next meet so she needed to enjoy this one.

The meet started off fairly lackluster. Sophie added time in two of her better races and she missed her shot at finals. Sarah swam her seed in one of her two races. Things improved day two. Sophie swam her seed times and Sarah finally cracked the nut of 200 breast, dropping time and finding confidence for the first time in a race that has challenged her for a while.

Day three Sophie came prepared to swim. She dropped time in her 50 free. Her final race of the weekend was 100 fly, her favorite race. She was seeded 8th and had just dropped two seconds in February in the race. I knew if she swam her seed she should make finals. Instead she decided to drop two more seconds. She would swim in finals as the 6th seed. She was thrilled. I wasn’t confident she would drop anymore time but was very proud of her for making finals and swimming so well on the final day of the meet. We went for a nice dinner and took a little nap in the car. As usual, 100 fly was the last race of the night. Sophie once again brought her A game and dropped almost another second, earning a 5th place medal!

She was happy. And tired. She was sound asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot. And for the first time ever, I finished a long meet weekend feeling completely sane.

For $7 I was able to utilize the gym at the school. I worked out between races and using the timeline walked over to the window overlooking the pool to watch the girls swim. I can’t believe I never did this before. It was a amazing. I didn’t sit in the hot spectator area, didn’t have to make idle chit chat and I got to workout all weekend! (I timed one session which also aids in my sanity at these meets).

My take away from this weekend? #1. I’m really old compared to college students. #2 I’m pretty fit for an old lady. #3. I’m a proud mom.

Sarah is swimming spring champs next weekend. I’m confident she will have a great meet. Don’t look for me during warm ups. I’m going to lace up my running shoes. You might not want to sit next to me during the meet either!

And then just like that it is long course season.

3 thoughts on “Seven bucks for sanity

  1. Congratulations on a satisfying end to short course and for finding a way to keep yourself fit and sane at a nail-biting meet. We are at NCSA Juniors in Orlando where the weather is perfect and Disney mascots beam smiles at us from every storefront as we make our way back and forth from the hotel to the pool. No complaints though. When they swim well, it all seems worth the “insanity.”

    • One of my best friends was also at NCSA’s and kept texting me photos from the hotel pool. Grace needs to get her butt in gear and make that meet next year, she was lonely and needed me to keep her company! Hope it was a good meet for you guys!!!!!

  2. So fun reading about other folk’s adventures in the world of swimming! My kiddos swim in MN so we just finished age group State. “Technical Issues” what a great way to deal with a disappointing meet. 🙂 That definitely describes State for us. LOL

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