It’s time to breathe…

The last week has been awesome. We are officially done for swimming for an entire month.  The last three months?  I don’t even know where they went.

I won’t bore you with all the details but the girls have been swimming really well the last few months.  Sophie had a hard time adjusting to the early wake up times this summer but made it to every practice but one.  This was a huge win for her and quite honestly was all I expected her to do.  She continues to love swimming and has a great attitude.  Sarah got bored being a “breaststroker” and decided to go after fly this summer.  She made huge improvements in her fly, making all stars in our summer league in it (and breaststroke) and dropped a lot of time in 100 and 200 fly long course.  Grace had a great summer despite not getting to swim much in our summer league.  She kept dropping time in her backstroke and made all stars as well.  At the final championship meet of her long course season she dropped time in 6 or 7 races, some really nice time drops.  After a year of not swimming close to her best times, and another 6 months swimming close to her best times, it was really exciting to see her swimming so well.  She was very happy.  There are no words for how I felt.  I can’t even try to put them together.

I didn’t mean to take such a long break from my writing.  This has never been about other people actually reading what I write, it has always been my therapy.  I can’t help but laugh, the last thing I wrote was “As we head into the chaos of summer I’m just going to remember to breathe.   When I forget the kids will remind me.”  I totally forgot to breathe.  It’s probably for the better.  I came out with a very clear head.  Next summer will be different, I don’t need to change, I need to change things.

As for the downtime we have spent it at the pool.   I’m looking forward to the start of a new season.  I went into last year worried about having kids at two different clubs.  I’ll approach this year with a sense of calm.  It worked.  Really well.