The week in review

Grace swam Junior Olympics trials and finals Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  She finaled in 200, 100 and 50 back.  She blew her 100 free race and didn’t make finals or the zone time in that.  She shed a few tears.  She also swam four relays, earning a 2nd and a 3rd place medal.  Saturday she swam divisionals, one first, three seconds and a third place (free style was her archrival and nemesis this weekend).  She broke a pool record – not ours – in 50 back.  Her surprize race, she dropped 1.5 seconds in 50 fly long course and about 5 seconds in 200 back long course.  Every other swim was solid.

She swam:

50 back – 4 times
100 back – 3 times
200 back – 2 times
50 free – 3 times
100 free – 3 times
50 fly – 2 times
100 IM – 1 time

I watched her race a total of 18 times.  I watched her warm up 7 times.  National Anthem 7 times.  National Anthem sung well – never.

Sarah and Sophie each swam meets this past week – Sophie swam free, fly and back at Divisionals.  Sarah swam free and fly at Superstars and breast at Divisionals.  Sarah was dying to get that breast stroke all-star time and fell short by a few tenths of a second.  She cried for 45 minutes straight.  This from a kid who doesn’t care about swimming.  I don’t buy that story anymore.  Sophie completely tanked her fly at Divisionals.  After hearing Sarah cry for 45 minutes I was petrified of her reaction.  She walked by and ever so matter of factly said “I swam terrible” with a smile on her face.  I swear she was skipping.

A few more statistics.  Ate at Chipotle 3 times, Pizza twice, drank a glass of wine every night and gained 5 pounds.  Number of days I have gone to the gym since Sunday?  All of them.  Amount of money left in my checking account?  None.  Zones – paid for.  New cap to replace forgotten one?  Yep.

I got lucky – no one asked for a tie dye t-shirt!

About to get a pool record

And the final reach.

Swim meet vs soccer game

Soccer Tournament

*  75 degrees and sunny – nice breeze
*  Haven’t opened book I brought during breaks in game – busy shooting the shit
*  Got an email with game times. Games last 45 minutes. No chance of missing the game.
*  Special area in park for open alcoholic beverages!
*  Two options for seating. Lay on a blanket in the grass or bring your own camp chair with footrest option
*  Food options – Chipotle close by.
*  Playing against better kids and losing.
*  Four hours, three hours of play time.
*  Bathrooms? Port A Potties

Swim Meet

*  98 degrees – air as thick as a brick
*  Haven’t opened book I brought during down time in meet (could have read three!) – busy shooting the shit
*  Ten dollar heat sheet. Memorized time line. Blink and you miss it.
*  Cocktails? You wish!
*  Two options for seating. Metal bleachers or bring your own camp chair and if you are lucky you will find a tiny square unfold it most of the way.
*  Food options – Chipotle close by. I research this.
*  Swimming against faster swimmers. Excited about this.
*  My kid is swimming one 30 second event in two hours.  Comes back two hours later, sits around for two hours and swims for 30 seconds again.  Glad it wasn’t 32 seconds.
*  Bathrooms? Every seat is socking wet. Does pool water kill pee germs?

Soccer Tournament and Swim Meet

Overpriced tie-dye t-shirts AND EVERYONE yelling KICK! Who knew?

I spent the morning at the soccer tournament and the evening at finals. It was a day filled with kids laughing, parents cheering, children succeeding and parents rejoicing. There are lots of crazy parents out there. Lucky for me I didn’t spend the day with any of them. It was a day filled with lifelong memories.




The little things in life

Grace swam 4 events at Junior Olympics today.  400 Medley Relay as lead backstroker, 200 back, 100 free and 50 fly.

Wonder genius mom didn’t really consider that with her seed times she would swim then all within about an hour.  My bad.

Grace has been fearful of relays.  A man who will remain nameless scarred her for life on them.  She rocked it and got a best time, her first AAA cut in 50 back!  Go Grace!

And that was the highlight of the meet.  We will take it!  A victory by all accounts.  Please swim GAWDS let her do it again tomorrow.


The highlights for me:

Getting to see my swim meet BFF!  She got to stay for finals and I didn’t.  But I got a Margarita and she didn’t!

Sitting next to a guy who refused to give up “his wifes purses seat” for a man who just had surgery on his leg and was on crutches.  Screw humanity, that purse needed to be comfy.  He literally left two minutes later and we all scored the front row.

Watching my friends twelve-year-old son eat TWO bowls of spaghetti faster than he swam 50 fly (26.37 thank you very much).  We wanted him to eat the second faster than the first, a little shoving food in your pie hole trials and finals if you will.

My daughter didn’t ask for the $79 blue tie-dye t-shirt.


I think tomorrow will be a soccer tournament update.  I will be outside for seven hours in 74 degree weather.  A nervous freaking wreck about one silly race.  That will hopefull take place in 30 seconds or less!

Junior Olympics Countdown

I added a countdown calendar until JO’s, our big spring meet. 12 year old is swimming and the 10 year old would saw off an arm to be able to! She is giving it her all and hopes to come away from our meet this weekend with a qualifying time. Fingers crossed for her.

I thought a JO calendar made me sound like a more caring parent than a calendar that counts down the number of days until I get a two week break from the freaking pool. Our first since September.

I am seriously psyched about not washing towels, driving to the pool or making my kids two dinners every night. Added bonus – two weeks of NOT hearing “OMG that practice was so freaking hard”.

Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to see some awesome swimming!

What is the difference between a swimmer and a baby giraffe?

Baby Giraffes are coordinated.

Swimmers – arms and legs everywhere. They need the water to actually slow the flailing arms and legs down.

Which makes a rainy, non swimming weekend one hella boring. I posted some photos of some delicious baked goods we made. I know you are jealous. Seriously though, what the hell is there to do on a cold, rainy Saturday without a practice or a meet? We spent most of the day thinking about it.

Ice skating? No. My kids can’t stand on two feet in tennis shoes. What makes you think they could twirl around the ice on tiny blades. Besides, Junior Olympics are coming up. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Does this look like an activity for a swimmer? Before Junior Olympics????

Bowling? My 12-year-old is 5’7″. If eye hand coordination were our strong suit don’t you think she would play basketball or volleyball? We duck when balls are thrown at us. I don’t need them swinging 12 lb balls behind them. Plus, that is really hard on the shoulders. What with Junior Olympics coming up and all.

This is how swimmers roll.

We could go see a movie. Right, as a family. Dad and I are cool. Coolish. (and none of you have any money). I know, none of us can sit still for 15 minutes let alone 2 hours but it *might be* fun.

How about we go watch metros? High school swimmers setting National Records? Who knew three girls could roll their eyes is unison.

I know, let’s go to the cool indoor pool with all the fun waterslides and diving boards. Yeah, the one you practice at 7 days a week. Won’t that be fun? No need to get angry, it was just an idea.

Since we haven’t been to the grocery store in 5 weeks, how about a family trip to Costco. Free samples. I might even splurge and buy you a slice of pizza.

The mall is out, we already own all of the yoga pants and skinny jeans that Hollister and Abercrombie sell.

Thank you swim gods for giving us meets the next four weekends. I know we bitch about them but that is all for show.