Tiger kid

Self professed Tiger Mom I am not. I really try to teach my girls to want things on their own. To advocate for themselves. This frees me up to shop and workout. I trained them right. I do have a little Tiger Mom in me though. I am blunt, don’t sugar coat things and as a result of that the girls are pretty tough. They have some badass in them. Well, not Sophie but Sarah isn’t afraid of anything.

A few months ago we installed a pull up bar for the girls to work on upper body strength. Like all home gym equipment, it became a nice place to hang laundry – especially pool towels.

One day, Grace came into the kitchen for water wearing workout clothes. She was red faced, sweaty and out of breath. I was a little shocked, I thought she was being chased by someone with a knife but she said, and I quote “I decided to go all Tiger Mom on myself”.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. You know you are a little jealous. If only she would clean her room.