Where is the camera?

Going on vacation… Need a camera.  We have two.  A decent point and shoot and a large DSLR.  I just spent twenty minutes looking for the components to the smaller camera.  Got it charged up and it has….574 photos on it.

Two years worth of spring break, Christmas, birthdays, first and last days of school.

My first thought?  Man, I have really gotten a lot of wrinkles in the past two years.

My second thought?  Am I chronicling my kids life through my ipone and facebook?  I love the convenience of spying my kids doing something cute, fun or memorable – snapping a photo and instantly sharing it with family and friends.  I hate that I rarely print a photo to tuck it in my wallet in the hopes of sharing with friends.

I love that my family gets to see my kids on a regular basis through the instantaneous connection between phone and social media.  But as they get older am I going to regret this?

Tomorrow is a fresh start.  I would like to take better quality photos of my kids and print them more often.  Please tell me I am not alone.

Two years ago she was even sassier!